Study Group: Hyderabad

Hi All,
I’m in

So I am assuming the GPU we get to use in jupyter notebook via colab won’t be sufficient for this course? And if I may ask, how is that used GPU chosen?

Would anyone be interested in doing weekend in-person study groups?

Hi all,

To form private study groups, plan meetups. We need to know how many of us are interested. I have created a google sheet, please fill your name and forum username and your vote for slack workspace.

If you are from Hyderabad and are taking this course seriously fill the form here

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google collab will give you a free k80 I think, it should be fine for the course. you can’t choose your gpu in collab IIRC.
In google cloud compute - you can pick the gpu while creating your VM instance.

ah Thanks!

Not a post which belongs here but Anyone here from Vizag?

Hey guys, can we use google colab for this course. And one more thing, can we do a meetup over the weekend to discuss matter related this course, this will be beneficial to all us, and if u guys have already planned, please inform me about the venue. Thnx.

Better we can plan weekend Meet ups

Guys I’m stuck on setting up GCP. My Instance has been successfully created and
gcloud compute ssh --zone=$ZONE jupyter@$INSTANCE_NAME – -L 8080:localhost:8080 also executed but i’m unable to access instance via localhost:8080/tree. Any troubleshooting ideas?

Can we have a meetup tomorrow? Because I will outstation for 2 months from 28th.

Hi all, For this week we’ll have a group call (hangouts) and plan meetups from the following weeks. I have shared a form link in the India Study group thread. Please fill it if you are interested in participating in the video call.


@tdchaitanya @riteshc6 and I had a group call on Hangouts. We thought it’ll be a good idea for us to discuss on the morning class by Jeremy in the evening same day around 8 PM and clarify any doubts. We’ve also created a WhatsApp tostay informed. Interested folks can join us for the call and the WhatsApp group so that knowledge sharing gets better. Please drop a DM to one of us with your email and mobile number if interested.

Hey were you able to solve this? I had the same issue when I tried returning back.

No, tried it again today with updated instructions but no success. Going for other options

Do you have an ssh key set up?

I don’t know exactly how to figure out ssh key setup, but the instance was showing ssh turned on.

what os are you using on your local machine?


I use mac too. I just created a new project and worked on it. Now I am wondering if it will connect back again. Fingers crossed. If it works will let you know.