South Asia study group (~GMT+5)

Would anyone be interested in forming an online study group for participants from and around the Indian time zone?

Here is a prospective agenda:

  1. Discussion of the end-of-chapter questionnaire and summarizing the lesson
  2. QnA around python
  3. Discussion around potential projects
  4. anything else relevant to the course

EDIT: This is currently merged with the Delft Study group.
Anyone interested in joining can register on the meetup site.


I would be interested

Hey @gagan and @mriganktiwari. I am also from India, yet due to smaller number of people participating, I was thinking of joining Delft-Meetups which are on Sundays at 2:30PM - 4:00PM IST. It would be good to have bigger study groups than smaller study group according to me.

Oh wonderful!!
Until we get a larger group of people here, let’s join the Delft meetup. The timing is also suitable.

thanks @kurianbenoy

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Hey all, I’m Nival from Sri Lanka. Have a little prior knowledge on DL and fastai, but want to take it serious this time and master it. Would like to join a study group. Time zone is convenient for me too :slight_smile:

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Hey Nival!! You can join the Delft study group at Delft Study Group (Delft, Netherlands) | Meetup

You can register for the next meetup at Fastai Course Lesson 2: Q&A / Discussion, Sun, May 8, 2022, 11:00 AM | Meetup


I am from Bangalore. I am interested in joining this study group.

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Hi Sunil, This meetup is currently merged with the Delft Study group. You can register at

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Would also highly recommend everyone interested to join Delft Study group to join discord also and chat in study group channel #delft-fastai

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thanks, couldn’t join up to now. hoping to join this Sunday. Is there any specific homework I should do?

Basically the same things as for the lesson, I guess. The meetup group is basically a place to discuss what we study during the lessons and maybe to get answers to questions we have.

So I guess make sure you’ve looked at:


Hi, I’d like to join the #delft-fastai discord channel. Is it possible to get an invite please?

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Disregard, I just noticed the #delft-fastai channel on my discord now. Cheers!

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