Share GPU over multiple VMs

Unfortunately this works on win server, my PC is on win 10 pro.

Yes, I believe It’s not interest of Microsoft give the power to personal computers (using Windows PRO) in launching Containers / VMs anytime soon. So I believe that is because of this Win 10 can’t.

But I also didn’t know that you was constrained on that version of Windows. Sadly you have to find a way set in your 3D software to use just one GPU and use another to Jupyter Notebooks (every Deep Learning library has settings to work with only the selected GPU). I hope your 3D software also have this options too.

Installing fastai on Windows trough Anaconda is working?

I hope so, sincerely I don’t know. I don’t use windows for a long time now.

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Working with 3d software on a single gpu its not a problem (it’s just the GPU attached to the display), the problem is being able at the same time to leverage the second GPU for fastai cuda computation, in Windows 10 Pro.
Will try to follow fastai installation on windows and see if work, sadly will mean to abandon the Linux boot option, I learned to appreciate.