Scene Labelling

Hi all , Can anybody suggest on what would be the latest with scene labelling. Do we have any examples for doing scene labelling using ?. I have been looking at this paper “” . Thought to check with the forum here to get any further information on "Scene Labelling " . Thanks

The paper mentioned this task is using non-image segmentation method. But this was 2014. I think image segmentation method is suitable for scene labeling. If that’s the case, check out Part 2, lesson 14 where we will learn “Image Segmentation with U-Net”.

thanks so much. I haven’t yet reached Lesson 14. But i now know where to look at. Regards.

OK, good good.

@ cedric, do you know how to do inference using a image segmentation (U-Net) model ?. ie , how to apply predict on a new single image to get the segmented labels ?. thanks

I am a little busy right now. If you don’t mind, I will get back to you tomorrow.

Sure, thank you

It’s working now.

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Hi @cedric , i need to get the coordinates of the segmented image post applying image segmentation. Any thoughts on how this can be achieved ?

Sorry, I have been busy. I haven’t had time to dig into all your questions.

I am not too sure I understand your question. Anyway, here’s a quick reply:

Let’s take an example in geospatial. You can get the coordinates by translating the segmented images (map tiles) and this gives you the lat/lon bounds of that tile.

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