Recommendations on new 2 x RTX 3090 setup

Asus X299 Sage pro ii supports 256gb ram (same as TRX40). I am just more worried about the heat it would dissipate when not using many cores as well ? [Do you think 256gb is also not sufficient ?]? [TR pro 5955 is 280w vs i9 10980xe is 170w, and i9 is on discount for $700 vs 5955 for $1300, but sage pro ii is same as asus creator or wifi]…In case if i decide to go for Threadripper pro 5955 which motherboard would you suggest ?

  1. ASUS WRX80E-SAGE Pro WS SE WIFI AMD sWRX8 eATX Motherboard - Micro Center ($1000)

2) ASRock WRX80 Creator R2.0 AMD sWRX8 eATX Motherboard - Micro Center ($900)

with Threadripper 5955wx ($1300), which one is a better option ?

And how do we use dual supply with 4 gpu (say 2 rtx 4090 and 2 rtx a6000/rtx 6000 ada) which is total 4502+3002+300+100(mobo) = 1900watts [so lets say dual supply of 1500w, will that work ?]?..Bizone does that so i guess its doable ? [ * 4 GPU-Ready for 4x A6000 (advanced case, dual 1200W power supply)][BIZON X4000 Gen3 – AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro Processors – Export optimized, 8K+ Video Editing, 3D Modeling, Rendering Workstation PC up to 64 Cores | Best Workstation Computer for video editing]

Why ECC is a big deal, at-least for research purpose (say on transformer or such deep learning model) ?

Or limiting dual rtx 4090 to 300w each with dual rtx a600 work with threadripper pro with 1650w supply ?

Have you checked PyTorch2? They did put a lot of new features on the roadmap + encapsulated the best of the older ones into it.

@matdmiller , @balnazzar

Any suggestion for the dual power supply (as we have only 120v power supply in USA households). …This guy also talks about how the oc link feature works for dual psu [4x Nvidia RTX 3090 + Threadripper 3960x Build | 15 LAKH PC BUILD | Custom Water Cooling | theMVP - YouTube]…Any comments or suggestions using this for 4 rtx 4090 or 2 rtx 4090 (and 2 rtx a6000) with threadripper 5955 ?

Long story short, ECC is a big deal if you want stability. It’s not particularly pertinent to DL. Moreover, registered (buffered) dimms are required if you want >32Gb per module.

As for you other questions, what do you want to do with that machine you plan to build?
Are you aware of the challenges posed by a multi-gpu workstation, particularly if liquid-cooled?
If you have enough money to spend, I think you will be better served by a professionally built solution (e.g. Comino, Lambda, Puget, Byzon, …).

There are rumours of a new Titan series card, which will allegedly have 48GB VRAM. If it does get released I assume the overall system cost, whilst high, will be cheaper than 2x4090s and it will be much easier to cool/power etc. Training will be slower though… More info here: