Pytorch v1.0 stable is now working on Windows but fastai v1 needs some tweaks to get it work on Windows

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With the 0.7 pytorch and old course my gpu utilization was 100% at times. After upgrading to pytorch 1.0 and course v3, the gpu usage was only spikes.

(Artus Krohn-Grimberghe) #22

@sgugger might also want to fix this for a future version of the notebooks by adding

fn_paths = [item.as_posix() for item in fn_paths]

into the notebooks that operate on file names. This would make Jeremy’s regexp work on Win and Posix without us poor Windows users having to figure out REs on themselves :wink:


The as_posix is in the library now, it has been suggested as a bug fix and will be in v1.0.43 when it’s released.

Trying to run lesson 1 on windows
(ziyanxie) #24

set path = r’\([^\]+)_\d+.jpg$’ will fix it.But in the meet a issue—‘PicklingError’ until now, i can’t fix it.