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(Mingbo CUI) #525

Hello~ Have you solved this problem then? I try to add the ssh key in the instance but the format of the key seems to be wrong for the instance:(. Could you share with me the method to fix this if you have solved this problem.Big thanks in advance

(Dinesh) #526

SDK Shell vs Cloud (in browser) Shell

When I use following command from SDK shell I am able to access FastAI notebooks , but same command doesn’t work on cloud shell (command finish without error but can’t access http://localhost:8080/tree)

gcloud compute ssh --zone=us-west2-b jupyter@my-fastai-instance – -L 8080:localhost:8080

Am I missing anything on cloud shell ?

I am working on Windows 7 laptop. Even I tried starting jupyter notebook on cloud shell but it didn’t work.

(Shawn P Emhe II) #527

I have been having issues getting the test app deployed using the google app engine. I followed the guide, but I’m getting a timeout error. The full details are below, along with a link to my app engine repository on github. I have tried deploying both the resnet34 and resnet50 versions of the model. Does anyone have any experience with the app_start_timeout_sec setting metinoned in the error, or an idea of where I can find more detailed logs?

Updating service [default] (this may take several minutes)…failed.
ERROR: ( Error Response: [4] Your deployment has failed to become healthy in the allotted time and therefore was rolled back. If you believe this was an error, try adjusting the ‘app_start_timeout_sec’ setting in the ‘readiness_check’ section.

*I have the .pth file prestaged in the models directory, so there is no URL in my file. But I dont’ believe that is causing any issues, because I have gotten errors when testing and forgetting to change the cnn_create line to use the correct architecture. It is loading the model up to the point where it can tell that much.


Hey @ShawnE, I got the same problem. My deployment crashes at Updating service as well. You can check logs at I found that in my case the problem was: Free disk space (792 MB) is lower than threshold value 954 MB. Reporting instance permanently unhealthy. Note: different instances will have a different threshold value.

That said, I still have no idea what exactly should I do with that. I am pretty new to GCP and still a little confused about it. Does this app, which we are trying to run, is deployed on the same instance we use for fastai course, or the new one is created or sth else?

(Youcef Djeddar) #529

How to use CurlWget in GCP? I’ve downloaded a dataset by pasting the link to my cloud terminal but I couldn’t find where the dataset was.

(marsen) #530

I get the same error.I solve it by doing this:

  1. restart my intance in gcp
  2. change the command: gcloud compute ssh --zone “us-west2-b” jupyter@“my-fastai-instance” – -L 8080:localhost:8080

I think it is maybe because of the argus like $ZONE

(Youcef Djeddar) #531

Do you know by any chance how to actually load a dataset into a Jupyter Notebook on GCP?

(marsen) #532

Do u mean u want to save some dataset like images into the dir of jupyter?

  1. u can use the function "upload " through the “upload” function
  2. u can use the command in shell,it can copy files to or from the server

gcloud compute scp

(Youcef Djeddar) #533

It is it possible to upload image folders? I thought you could only upload notebooks.