Perth Australia Study Group


If you’re in Perth, Australia we are hosting a Pt 2 Study group here: FastAI 2022 Pt 2 Study Group, Tue, Oct 11, 2022, 4:00 PM | Meetup


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Is this just a physical meetup? I live a couple of hours south in Collie.
Nice to see others participating from the West.

btw, this is me.

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Thanks Ben,

Yep this is a physical meetup :slight_smile:

Good to meet you!


Cool, also a Perth local here. If I can rearrange my days back to be in the CBD on Tuesdays rather than out in O’Connor I’d be keen to come along. I think one of my colleagues was there yesterday, now I’ve put 2+2 together (she popped up from CBH in the same building).