Part 1 FAQ


I’m getting the same thing. This is my second time through, and first time running into this issue. Anyone else have thoughts on this?

The only way I could fix this was to copy everything over manually cell by cell from here:

I really hope all the notebooks aren’t broken.

(Soái Ca) #64

When having tutorial video for fastai v1 ?

(Ranjit) #65

Where can I find the video of lecture1 from Oct 22, 2018?

(Stefan Bartelsen) #66


I just started following the course online.
I am very excited and impressed so far.
One question is there a way to visualize the different architectures like resnet and resnext?


(Kamal) #67

Guys, how can I download old datasets on kaggle? I can’t seem to be able to download the Dogs Vs Cats datasets, when I agree to the rules, it just brings me back to the rules page.

Maybe anyone have a complete archive of the datasets used in this course?

(Parthiban) #68

how did u solve?


I just used entropy for payment.