Part 1 FAQ


I’m getting the same thing. This is my second time through, and first time running into this issue. Anyone else have thoughts on this?

The only way I could fix this was to copy everything over manually cell by cell from here:

I really hope all the notebooks aren’t broken.

(Soái Ca) #64

When having tutorial video for fastai v1 ?

(Ranjit) #65

Where can I find the video of lecture1 from Oct 22, 2018?

(Stefan Bartelsen) #66


I just started following the course online.
I am very excited and impressed so far.
One question is there a way to visualize the different architectures like resnet and resnext?


(Kamal) #67

Guys, how can I download old datasets on kaggle? I can’t seem to be able to download the Dogs Vs Cats datasets, when I agree to the rules, it just brings me back to the rules page.

Maybe anyone have a complete archive of the datasets used in this course?

(Parthiban) #68

how did u solve?


I just used entropy for payment.

(Rachel) #70

How do i copy the work i do on the fastai paperspace account to my github? Is there a tutorial or instructions, so far my web searches tell me how to add data, using scp, to paperspace but not the other way round.


Hi, Were you able to resolve this?



I have just setup Paperspace, and able to setup Jupyter Notebook. I can execute the code, but there is one problem in setup that when I try to show image files it shows a broken icon as attached.


I have searched the FAQ but do not have clue on where to fix this. Can anyone share why this may occur?


Dear All,

I have been able to find the solution. The reason was related to my Chrome browser / Internet Explore browser cache.

After I clear the browsing history based on link below, I can view the images in Jupyter Notebook now.

Hope this information helps for someone in future.