Part 1 FAQ

@NathanYee It worked for me last month, I was able to request GPU access (Except it took them quite a while to approve it…1-2 weeks)
I’m not sure if they’ve changed that very recently


@init_27 Ohhh it’s by default - I’m just wrong. It might have been different in the past when I originally looked into it.

Yeah I think it’s changed because I used to think that too.

@jeremy I saw the post “Introducing Pytorch for” which mentions “The next courses will be based nearly entirely on a new framework we have developed, built on Pytorch” what does this mean is it Part 1 v2 or the next edition of Part 2 which is due to release in July?

The Part 1 v2 still uses keras, theano

Can you please clarify it is not clear what the next edition of course means.

That’s an old post. It’s referring to this course you’re in right now :slight_smile:

Hi @NathanYee. We are using Google Cloud Platform (GCP) during AI Saturdays from end Dec 2017 onwards till now. We are able to request for increase in quota for GPU for asia-east1 (Taiwan) region and receive email approval from Google Cloud Platform support almost instantly. @init_27 is the AI Geek leader for AI Saturdays :smiley:

Here’s the complete guide created by one of our AI Saturdays’s mentor/facilitator that shows us how to setup GCP step-by-step using the Paperspace bash script. I just want to put this out here in case anyone missed it again.

BTW, we also have a Google Cloud related discussion in this thread. Do check it out if you are interested.

Happy learning!


This is awesome! Thanks for putting out such a nice guide.

I just started watching the lectures. How do I pay for paperspace when it doesn’t accept my debit card and I don’t have a credit card? Are there any alternatives? I am from India and getting a credit card is not possible for me(yet). Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

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Probably best to contact their support folks.

@dillon is from Paperspace - could you let us know your suggested approach for folks that are getting their card accepted?

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  1. I just finished setup of AWS and finished lesson one following instructions from what I believe was 2017 course. I feel a bit terrible and stupid.
  2. @jeremy I think the right course is is this correct?


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Yup that’s the one! :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the response. I did contact them, they redirected me to my bank. Bank said, the payment gateway Paperspace uses, Stripe, does not support Visa 3DS, which is what my bank uses to validate transactions via OTP. So, in the end I solved the issue by creating a Virtual Credit Card using Entropay and using that for payment.
Now I can finally start :slight_smile:



I just finished lesson 1 of V1. I’d like to switch to version 2. I imagine there’s some different software I’ll need to install. I’d rather not start the setup all over again. What software should I install to upgrade to V2?

Just follow the instructions in lesson 1 to connect to paperspace. Everything is already set up.

Dear all, dear Jeremy!

First of all a HUGE THANK YOU for this completely amazing course. I completely love the idea to turn the learning process upside down and start from the top!

Short (and potentially stupid) question: I wondered whether I could use to try on Kaggle’s Mercari competition (categorical variables + text). But this requires a Kernel that they can re-run online using 4 cores / 16GB RAM / 1GB scratch and output disk space (and run time under 1 hour).

Is this even possible with (probabyly not because no GPU provided?)?

Thanks so much!

I would like to use my personal ubuntu machine to complete this course. is it possible? and if yes, how should i set it up? (by the way i have an nvidia gpu)

sure, you can. the easiest thing to do is to follow the paperspace setup script.

Same here bro. Did the same mistake. Now I’m trying to setup AWS with Anaconda3, Cuda9 etc. I’ll update if I make any progress.

I am in the position that nothing works. I go to paperspace, have a machine set up, but when I try to launch it now it never launches. I spend hours clicking on it and watching a little spinning wheel. There must be something better available to learn your course, could you point me toward it?
Also, the very few times I have been able to get the paperspace to launch, I am unable to open the jupyter notebook - the connection always times out.
I;m in the US, by the way - my wifi is pretty robust.
Is there another way to do this course? Any suggestions? Do I need to start over? Any help appreciated.

Hey @jlrw, I just set everything for Course 1 V2(2018) on AWS using spot instances of p2. I guess I’ve got it running fine. Ping me if you’re stuck on setting up on AWS, maybe I can help. I chose to do this on AWS because I anyway use AWS at work for a lot of different purposes and it’s cheaper with spot instances.