Paperspace Pro woes

I’ve had many problems with Paperspace Gradient’s Pro plan in the ~4 months I’ve been trying it out.
To be clear:

  • persistent storage is amazing.
  • fixed $9 predictable price per month is nice.

However, recently, I’ve had way too many problems and I’m considering moving to another provider while I build my own machine.

  1. In many cases, no machines are available unless I pay extra.
  2. I’ve been billed incorrectly and had to contact support for a correction.
  3. On one occasion I’ve been unable to start up any kind of machines for ~4 days and had to contact support.

This is too unreliable for daily usage and learning…

Has anyone had similar experiences? What other cloud GPU providers do you all recommend? Ideally with persistent storage. I’m sad because I was very happy with Paperspace in the beginning, but they don’t seem to be handling their growth properly. Thanks for reading!


I had almost an identical experience. Slowly drifted away from Paperspace. Now a happy user over at You’ll find a decent number of people do the course on their machines, and generally they’re up-to-date with latest versions of fastai etc. @VishnuSubramanian in the forums is always helpful too.


If you’re interested in an alternative tool, I personally use American Data Science and have recently made the project a public service. I tried to make the set up dead simple too so that AI/ML developers can get started with training and development immediately. Features include:

  • Persistent storage
  • Simple file system with Jupyter Lab IDE
  • Selection of environments including, PyTorch, Hugging Face, etc.
  • GPU resoures with CUDA 11-12+ already configured
  • Straight forward monthly billing starting at a fixed $7/month
  • Direct customer support for additional billing and custom environments

If you want a free month of Pro subscription, check out this post in the forum or just reach out to me and I can hook you up:

good afternoon I have the same problem with Paperspace. I even have a growth account to have access to better GPUs
I try doing ai animation on my account but there are no machines available at all during my daytime in Amsterdam NL
Are the services here mentioned suitable for work with stable diffusion?
I am an artist and definitely not a technician so my understanding is limited
@aychang @VishnuSubramanian

Had the same problems (availability) and their billing strategy is confusing to me. I switched to Google Colab and had no problems since, of course, it does have some drawbacks, but the speed and availability is just better imo.

Hi Evie!
We provide GPU-powered workspaces with the latest environments/tools in our Pro subscription. You can try it out for free with our coupon code or just DM me. Our subscription goes on a simple monthly billing schedule.

You can also select from multiple environments outside of as well if you’d like to try out Hugging Face or OpenAI tools.

Let me know if you have any questions!