Organizing study groups in SF and Bay Area

@lindyrock I have added my name in the spreadsheet for study group. Are you guys meeting every Sunday at Peerspace?

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I also would also like to know if the meet up is still happening on Sundays. Thank you!

The Sunday SF study sessions are happening weekly from 12-5. I think I’ve added everyone who’s asked to join to the private message thread where we’ve posted more details, but if I missed you please either message me to be added or just come Sundays to the Peerspace location described on the Google Sheet.

Hi @lindyrock , Thanks for organizing this. I would love to join the Sunday afternoon study group as well.

hi, can I join too? how to connect with you guys?

In SF. Very interested in meeting for deeper in-person chats to talk through stuff in more detail.

Was anything organized for south-bay? I’d be interested in joining if there’s a regular meetup, now that lecture series has completed.

No, none so far. But we can definitely get one going if people are interested. Perhaps after the holidays?

Sounds good. I’m interested.

Are people still interested in study group?

3-4 should be enough to get started

Folks, I’m starting a South Bay / Mountain View study group sign up sheet (see below). I’ve suggested 3 time slots - at signup please identify your top two. Once there is quorum for a slot we can set a date and meet up. Thanks!

Sign up sheet:

@lindyrock hi, let me know if Sunday SF meetups are still happening. I’ll aim to drop by on the 10th. Thanks!

I live in Sunnyvale I am interested in joining a South bay study group.

Hello, I just started a discussion thread on fastai study groups to gather feedbacks from the organizers and participants in order to list the best practices and also to avoid some gaps.

You will find more information in this post.

Thank you if you can take a few minutes to participate in the discussion :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,
We’re organizing a PyTorch workshop this Saturday in Santa Clara. RSVP Here:

This might be good opportunity to revise/learn if you’re planning to attend the official PyTorch summer hackathon on Aug 8-9.

Hi Folks! I’m visiting the Bay area for the next week (that is, August 7-15) thinking about moving here. Wondering what study groups or other meetups might be happening. Is the Thursday evenings, 6-8pm in San Francisco still on? Any in the East Bay (I can see Doodle calendars but don’t know what was decided)? And for that matter any interesting AI events…

Hi David, this study group isn’t meeting together anymore. I hope there are more recent threads running, or feel free to start a new one!

Ah great to know, as I was going to just show up there!

If you can get to San Fransisco, I co-host a meetup:

The group was originally more targeted to fastai, but since the course ended we are now targeting the larger deep learning community. About half the people or more use fastai though.

If you would like to go, please sign up early with your first and last name, as we have to get the information to security 24 hours in advance.

It is under pyladies, but pygents are also welcome.

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Hey, guys! I’m helping organize an event with School of AI founder Siraj Raval next Wednesday, 8/14, in San Francisco (Soma) at 6pm. School of AI is a global organization that helps people learn about artificial intelligence, so it’ll be a great opportunity to meet others who’re also interested in AI and want to study in the area. Here’s the Facebook link if you’re interested:

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