Object Detection with new fastai

Is there going to be more videos by Jeremy on creating retinatnet/object detection model with new fast-ai?


Yes there is!


There will be videos and notebooks, as well as tutorials? Thank you very much.

Will these new videos/ lessons on detection, GANs, Neural translation, Style transfer be the same as of the previous year ported on fastai v1.12 or will they also provide new information and developments in the field?

@jeremy any ETA on object detection lessons or examples?


Hey Jeremy, did the object detection part not make it into part 2? I can’t find any mention of Retina Net or object detection in general.

Still to come


Jeremy I found the maskrcnn-benchmark as a dry good resource to get high quality sota implementations for my object detection and instance segmentation studies.

It’s supposed to be faster than the famed mmdetection. Retina net support added too !


cool Karan, Do you have github open for this implementation or you notebook for the same? which data set you used for this purpose.

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Yeah I do have notebooks where I experimented with it. The link is given here :

I even have a panoptic segmentation demo using that repo ! It’s in the same folder :slight_smile:


Guys, could you please let me know in which lesson was object detection taught?

Thanks Fabian.