Moving data and files between paperspace and local machine

(Deepan Das) #21

Thanks a lot !

(The INTProgrammer) #22

I use Filezilla although I’d love to be able to mount a Paperspace drive to a letter drive in Windows.

(John) #23

Thanks for the suggestion. I can not get past the password. There are 2 IP’s; public and private. If I try private it just times me out. When I try public i get a “PW authentication failed” error. There are two PWs; one for the paperspace login and one for the console login. I tried both and neither allowed me in, even though I can log into both paperspace and my console.

Update: I had to use “paperspace” as my username (tried “whoami” command). Then use PW for my console with public IP.

(Andrew Chaffin) #24

Thanks for the help!

(Alexey Korolev) #25

Host: is just the fixed IP, port 22, Username “paperspace”, password from e-mail (or changed) for that machine (not the paperspace). On pop up Need to agree (not just once).

However, so far it works slow (may be due to connection, not the app).

(Worasom Kundhikanjana) #26

Can anyone tell me how to pull file from github repo into paperspace? I follow the instruction from paperspace ( Then I got a .git file. I don’t know what to do with it. I am very new to github.

(Rachel) #27

I would like to do the reverse, send the data from paperspace to my local machine. Has anyone done this?

The aim is to then commit and push the notebooks to my remote Github repo.

I have attempted to add and commit in Paperspace fastai GPU but Permission denied (publickey) so I thought if I could just get the data onto my PC then I can send it without publickey issues.

Thank you for any help it’s much appreciated.

(Joseph Catanzarite) #28

@dataclass1 Rachel,

Here is what I do on my Windows 7 64-bit PC, using paperspace Gradient:

(1) Open your Gradient Notebook.
(2) Click on the "upload’ button – it’s a bit below the top right of your screen
(3) Browse on your file system and select (click on) the file you want to upload
(4) Click “open”
(5) when the small icon with the name of the file you want to upload appears, click the blue “Upload” button.

Remember that only the files you place into the /storage directory on paperspace persist after you close the paperspace notebook.

I am guessing that a similar procedure would work on a mac or a windows 10 machine, but I could be wrong. Anyway, hope this helps.

(Rachel) #29

@jcatanza thank you. I’m not using paperspace gradient notebooks just the fastai GPU machine. Good advice, the Gradient notebooks look good.

I’ve just ended up using secure copy ‘scp’ through my Linux shell (terminal):
$ scp -r paperspace@184.[publiciphere]:/file(s)/to/send/from/paperspace/* /where/to/put/on/local/PC

And it works :slight_smile:

(Nate) #30

On Gradient, if you have too many files to move manually using the ‘Upload’ button, one way I’ve found convenient is to zip all your data, upload it (it’s like uploading one file), then unzip on Gradient.

(Adam Beguelin) #31

FYI, this doesn’t seem to work with Paperspace and the Gradient notebook. I tried to scp to the hostname of the running notebook but that didn’t work.

Maybe you have to pay for a public IP for this to work?

(Abid) #32

Glad to help. :+1:

(Abid) #33

Last time I used was back in April. I am not active on this course. However, few things you could try.

  1. Can you SSH into your box ? (paperspace)
    if yes

  2. Do you see any error when trying to SCP into your box ?
    if no

  3. then you should troubleshoot SSH before doing SCP.

  4. I did not get any public IP. I was using fastai notebook, not these gradient notebooks.

Thanks and let me know if this helps ?