Looking for cofounders?

I searched “cofounder” in this forum but surprisingly didn’t find much. This is a great community of smart, motivated people. Anyone looking to found a (deep learning related) company, and wants to meet others to not go at it alone?

I am currently a Data Scientist at Facebook, and did both Part I and Part II. In the startup / personal-project space, I’m interested in (and am) working on things related to preventive health, which is somewhat specific. But list out your interests below, and maybe you’ll find a match!


I have a concept for a deep learning application if you are interested.

I vote you refer to the following link and mark this question resolved it this helps:
META: FastAI Community Project Collaboration

There is a good discussion on the FastAI Discord page where everyone is introducing their interests.

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Hey @adamonkey I’m interested in talking more, email me at torresr14@gmail.com.