Listing of all the part 2 class videos - index

I keep going back to watch various sections of the class videos to deepen my knowledge but the posts are scattered all throughout the forums.

Thus, wanted to make this list of direct links to the class videos for myself and others for fast reference!

Lesson 8: - video

Lesson 9: - video

Lesson 10: video

Lesson 11: video

Lesson 12: video

Lesson 13: video

Lesson 14: video

The official updates thread contains a list of video and notebook links at start of thread, it’s my go-to.

Finding that thread is not straightforward. I made this same thread a few weeks ago…

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Thanks for pointing this out! I saw the thread but never actually checked it b/c I wasn’t looking for updates, rather for the videos…
If the title was changed to “2019 Part 2 Lessons, Links and Updates” or similar description, then I think the discoverability would jump quite a bit :slight_smile:

Will do.

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