Lesson 6 In-Class Discussion

(Erin Pangilinan) #102

As Jeremy talks about all the characters, I start to think about revisiting my Cryptography courses. ^^

(Kerem Turgutlu) #103

Hey, anyone know where is Nietzsche data couldn’t find it at files.fast.ai



Someone should write a tool that automatically converts Jeremy’s lecture transcripts into a Q&A format and auto-posts to Stack Overflow.

Basically a programmatic way to find gems in his lectures where his advice is in this format:
“If you get this error, fix it with this!”

(ecdrid) #106

do a wget https://s3.amazonaws.com/text-datasets/nietzsche.txt

(Nimish Sule) #107

Coming back to this - am I right in assuming word based would be more efficient in normal vocabulary tasks while character based would be better for things like code?

(Kerem Turgutlu) #108

Yeap just got it from https://raw.githubusercontent.com/mbernico/lstm_bot/master/lstm_bot/nietzsche.txt


(yinterian) #109

You can combine them as well.

(Erin Pangilinan) #110

Was mostly watching live in class, which Jupyter notebook was all the character RNN (last notebook)? Couldn’t find which one it was in Crestle? I did a git pull and couldn’t figure out which one it was?

(Kevin Bird) #111


(Erin Pangilinan) #112

Doesn’t show up, was I pulling from the wrong repo? Had this problem 2 weeks ago too. =(


Here it is directly… https://github.com/fastai/fastai/blob/master/courses/dl1/lesson6-rnn.ipynb

Not sure if helpful

(Kevin Bird) #114

I’m not using Crestle, hopefully somebody else can help you with that.

(ecdrid) #115


Find all here…

(Ezequiel) #116

Why do we have batch_first option in rnn? See for ex: http://pytorch.org/docs/0.3.0/nn.html?highlight=lstm#torch.nn.LSTM

In what case one or the other is needed?

(Erin Pangilinan) #117

Oh ya I think I just had the repo locally on my PC at home and not on this Macbook.

(Vikrant Behal) #119

I need to rewatch many parts of this lecture.

(Nimish Sule) #120

How would you do that? And would it improve anything as compared to character based model?

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #121

Oh crap yeah now I remember!

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #122

Use apply_cats()

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #123

I think I only had a single item in my validation set at that point. I meant to point it out, but forgot!