Lesson 4 In-Class Discussion ✅


sounding great online

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Title of the live stream should be changed to Lesson 4 (instead of Lesson 3)


Can someone tell me the name of the ‘whiteboard’/sketch program that Jeremy uses? I can never catch the name.

(Vincent) #10

Microsoft Note

(Gregory PAKOSZ) #12

@rachel Just so you know, the stream is still called Lesson 3 on Youtube


FAQ, resources, and official course updates ✅
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Thanks, we will update the streaming title later.

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New poll:

  • Sound and video are good.
  • Having trouble with the sound or video.

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Will we cover GANs in this course or is that part 2 in the spring?

(Alex) #72

likely in Part2

(Rachel Thomas) #73
  • Volume is good.
  • Want higher volume.

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In the past, GANs have always been covered in part 2.

(Apoorv Parle) #75

Just FYI, we can hear Jeremy’s clicks & keypresses quite loudly right now.

(Rachel Thomas) #76

This is a good idea for next time!

(Kunal Seth) #77

Q: Does the language model approach works for text in forums that are informal English, misspelled words or slangs or shortforms like s6 instead of Samsung S 6?

(Angelina Yang) #78

will tomorrow’s talk w Leslie Smith be recorded, cannt attend, can still watch it online?

(Gregory PAKOSZ) #79

What’s the reference to Wikitext 103 please?


It will learn to speak misspelled English then :wink:


You can find it here.

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