Kaggle Comp: NLP Classification

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Are you using splits method for the problem you are working on?


Spooky author dataset gave me this with the seed : "I will love you forever, my love ..."

" ..the most wonderful and most most appalling , and when , upon the whole of the day , i had been obliged to make a thorough account of the scene . <eos> i had been obliged to make a thorough account of the thing that the corpse had been made ..."

Not bad –
… automated script writing, may be … who knows?

Shakespeare … this is a gold mine http://www.gutenberg.org/cache/epub/100/pg100.txt

This is pure drama – with the seed :I will remember you till the last day I live, my love...

, and your love will be too much occupied in the power of the world . <eos> i had been obliged to take a definite place , and i would not be at the trouble of making it more than a coincidence . <eos> i had been obliged to make ...

This thing writes itself .

Trained on Shakespeare’s entire work -

Seed - 'All that glitter is not gold’
All that glitters is not gold
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I have trained RNNs using pre-trained Glove Embeddings on that data. Accuracy is ~ 83%. The loss is less than NB. The data is on the smaller side but I think it’s not a lost. Someone ranked in the top 10 said that s/he is not using LSTMs.

PS - Were you able to fix the torch text issue? I am unable to figure out how to feed the data and use pre-trained embeddings in Pytorch. Had to move to Keras for this.

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Not yet. Need more time to experiment with code to create data loader in right manner.

But, I could predict using @KevinB’s suggestion over here.


Language model capture Julius Ceaser well -

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Glad I am not from the 16th century -
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Using Shakespeare work as language model. Good fun.


What were the column names for your dataframes?