Is it better to wait for 2019 Jan Videos?

Hi friends,
I’m currently doing the 2018 videos, I just finished the third video (Planet maps),
then I found out that January 2019 apparently you will launch the V3 2019 Videos,
is it then better for me to stop now and wait till you activate the 2019 videos and start over from the beginning with the 2019 V3 videos? do you have an ETA for the january date in which they will become available?
thanks a lot :wink:


I suggest that you watch the previojs videos as far as you have time. Most of the information is same so you are not going to waste any time.

I would suggest the opposite, although the 2018 videos are cool the 2019 version may give insights into new developments and techniques and also the v3 notebooks use the new libraries in which part 2 v3 would also be based. I have worked through the two previous versions but I will work through v3 solely because this is a fluid subject.

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I agree, anybody has a forecast as to when the new v3 vids will be out this month? thank u

V3 is less of a jump from V2 than V2 was from V1. The new fastai code is much simpler and more mature, but the general content is similar. I’d recommend watching the V2 videos without doing much hands-on coding for an overview, and then actually working through V3 when it is released.

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They should be out in about a week. Please don’t post links to any pre-release materials in the meantime.


Looking forward to sharing the v3 materials with my coworkers, and blow their minds! : )

Awesome! thank u for the update and looking forward

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Awesome, look forward to the latest videos!

Jeremy you the man !

finding the time to peruse the forums while doing all that swift business is pretty impressive.

Thanks a lot !

Sorry about that, man. Looking forward to the videos!

That’s fantastic news Jeremy, many thanks !!!

Fantastic news, @jeremy. Will the Paperspace template be updated simultaneously?

That’s such a relief ! Thank you so much Jeremy for helping students like me

Awesome! Thanks a lot for the update!