Inviting Contributors To FastPages - List of Open Issues To Tackle

Hello Community,

I have been thinking about how to make it easier for the community to get involved in the development of fastpages, to that end I have created a bunch of open issues of problems we would love to tackle (feel free to discuss more here). Issues that I think are good for people getting acquainted to the project have been labeled as “Good First Issues . I have included resources in each issue on how to get started or solve the problem.

You can see all of the issues here:

If someone wants to take on an issue, I recommend discussing here and then assigning that issue to yourself so that we know you are trying to work on that. Thank you!

cc: @jeremy @xnutsive


I might pick up some of those over the weekend. I’ll start with the #49 as it just feels natural and seems kind of mandatory for everything else.

Edit: by “Forking the repo” you mean actually forking it or “Using it as a template” as in step 1 of the setup process? I don’t even know whether there is a difference…

@miko I renamed it to “Test if Documentation is Sufficient”! To be more general :slight_smile:


Do you prefer me to add my comments here or on the github issue?

@miko The GitHub Issue is fine! Thank you!

I think I can take onreading time snippet :slight_smile:.

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Ok :wink: please comment on the issue (so I know your handle) and I’ll assign you!

What’s the difference between fast_template and fastpages?

@miwojc see: About the nbdev & blogging category

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Not sure this is the right thread, but I managed to deploy fastdev from a private repo onto a private webserver within a kubernetes cluster at my company, which I plan to use to to share internally insights from the data people in the different teams.
Apart from the kube specific settings that depend on the cluster, it is a fairly straightforward process that I can document somewhere if there’s any interest


I’m interested!

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Wow this is super interesting! @jeremy perhaps we can host a blog post like this on ?

@miko Really, really looking forward to your writeup.

P.S. I’m happy to help if needed.

I’ll present it to my team tomorrow and try to write down a post or something after that then (it’s night here in the UK)

I just noticed the -branch: option in the Front Matter section. What is it? I would not want to have done something redundant…

That is for the rare case that you want to point to a version of your notebook in another branch. I would just ignore this front matter in most cases (infact you can leave it out completely)

This is actually pretty useful in my case since I might want to have some notebook in Dev and some in Prod and maybe attach some kind of alert when something new gets published in prod…

BTW, I have written a small post on how I have deployed fastpages on our kube cluster. I am having it reviewed to make sure that I am not leaking anything sensitive about the internal infrastructure (which I doubt). As soon as I have it greenlighted, I will submit it to you so that we can work on it