Introduce yourself here

Hi all,

I feel so blessed and so excited to be part of it.
I am Aless, I have a phd in computer vision and machine learning and I have been doing a postdoc which was not so meaningful.

I have been going for a sabatical period (~2 years) where I did a lot of social work for the refugees here in Bruxelles.

Right now I am on maternity leave, and since several months I am putting myself to date in AI and Data Science and starting to prospect the market so I can find a place to apply my knowledge for Good.

I am one of the biggest fans of fastai, and the imensious work Jeremy is doing, and I am always spreading his work around me, encouraging fellows to get imbarked in this journey.


Hi everyone,

Thrilled to be here and looking forward to a new course. After many years away from tech, fastai gave me the confidence to get back into the field. I’m now working for a PaaS start-up called Tinybird and enjoying being with the cool kids - both there and here.



I am Conwyn and I have been following the fastai courses for the last few years. I started because a PhD student told me Deep Learning was too difficult to explain. I have done all the other courses, along with the Microsoft Data Scientists courses, read lots of books and I have just started an apprenticeship as a AI Data Specialist which is equivalent to a Masters. My ambition is to understand everything but I feel I know about the countries on a globe but I do not know how they neighbour or interact.

Historically and it was a long time ago, I read Mathematics at University and specialised in Computer Sciences. I have worked in IT for my whole career from Retail, Manufacturing and now Healthcare.
Hopefully we can all learn from each other.

Thank you to Jeremy for making this possible.

Regards Conwyn


Hey there!
This is Francesco, Italian :it: from Rome living in Brussels :belgium: :beers: :chocolate_bar:
I am currently a MLE at Bolt , working on Computer Vision (OCR and Liveness Detection mainly).
I started my ML journey back in 2013 and got into the DL rabbit hole in 2017, first with Keras and then with fastai (of course :heart_eyes:).
I love running :running_man:, reading :open_book:, eating :avocado: (oh yeah), and drinking strong Belgian beer :beer:.
I blog, I productionise models for fun, I am a core contributor to IceVision , and try to be active on both LinkedIn and Twitter .
Incredibly happy and humbled to be part of this truly inspiring community!
Thanks for having me!


Thanks Jeremy for the invite to this course. Previously I have completed many AI Machine Learning courses including Andrew Ng, Geoffrey Hinton, Carlos Guestrin, and all previous versions of both Part 1 and Part 2 of this course. Switching at a late age to the world of computing from a more mechanical, electronic background, now retired from IT after 20 years. However I like to keep my hand in with the latest in technology as long as the pace of new hardware innovations allows my old equipment to partake. Would like to apply some of the features from this course to the field of research into Archaeology records, maps and images, being located in the UK/Europe there is a wealth of data to go at.

Excited to see what Jeremy has in store for us in this version.


Hi, I’m Yonatan, a long term participant in everything It’s amazing how each and every new course can excite me again…

I’ve been working at ML research in various companies, now for several years studying the meaning of the sounds of bees at Beewise’s hives. I’ve been dreaming of AI art for a long time and have been playing with the stable diffusion model since its publication.

I’m so happy for this chance to understand and tweak the building blocks of this model in the supportive and creative environment. Let’s go!!!


Hi, all. This is Kurian Benoy from Kerala, India.

I am working as an ML Engineer in and along with it I am pursuing masters from IIIT Kottayam. I have started really understanding when I started listening to fastai course from v3 onwards, but the previous edition of v5 course was very special for me. I am eternally grateful to Jeremy Howard, and others in the community for all the support.

I blog occasionally and you can connect with me on LinkedIn and Twitter :wave:.

Also at this point in my journey, I am constantly reminding myself to be tenacious in my ML journey. Looking forward to this exciting course.


I’m Palaash Agrawal -
I first took this course in 2019 and did both part 1 and part 2,

Fastai is the reason I’m where I am today, and it feels so nice to be here once again. When I first took the course, I felt empowered beyond what words can describe - as if now I knew what Deep Learning was.
For a long time now, I’ve felt stagnant in my learning curve, I’ve wanted to learn so many new things the fastai style, but always felt short on time and effort,
So this time, I want to feel the empowerment once again. I want to upgrade myself. So I’m promising myself to do this course till the end.


Hello Everyone,

I initially took Fastai part 1 in 2017. Rachel was in the hospital, Jeremy was fighting a cold yet the course went ahead and I was not only impressed with Jeremy commitment to teaching and sharing knowledge but also the teaching method.

This year, I recommitted to improving my ML/AI skillset. I took part 1 of the course earlier this year and looking forward to Part 2 (my favorite); the classes, the walk-thrus and the community.

I am based in New York and will be joining the course online live, rewatching the videos and attending all walk-thrus held.


Wow ! Great to hear again from old and new faces here. You all rock !

Thanks again Jeremy, for the invitation ! It feels great to join another cohort of the exciting deeper dive stuff. I’ll try my very best to watch these sessions live, since it’s a whole different vibe.

Looking forward to all the learning and chatter !

I try to actively use Twitter and hangout on Discord every now and then.
Discord: suvash#0105


Hello, Christoffer here. I am very thankful and honored to be part of this course. Fastai has been such an eye opener to me and i love this community. If i would call any online community home, this would be it. There are so many talented and helpful people here that it baffles my mind.
I am from Finland and would like to call myself an inventor :slight_smile: so i will. I work as a developer at a digital agency. I have had a hiatus from ai for a year or two now but I am happy to be back with new vigour.
I am hoping to learn more nlp and to contribute where i can.
I so impressed with Jeremys talent in ML and programming and Rachel’s when it comes to AI-ethics. Thank you for your contributions.


Very grateful to be included in this round of Part 2 - the most impactful research engineering study group there is. I’m Brian Muhia currently on Sabbatical doing independent research with a focus on interpretability methods for science-based self-supervised learning algorithms. I’m implementing a diffusion model to invert the representations learned in the encoders trained in this project, showing for the domain of agriculture and disease classification how a model can represent images coming from multiple cameras with slightly different modalities (RGB vs RGNIR). I’m adapting the work of RCDM for this work. Will be glad to learn a deeper perspective on Diffusers by the end of this course. Thank you @jeremy @rachel for your fantastic contribution to the world! What I do now could not have been possible without first studying fastai in 2017, and coming back each iteration with free choice on the projects I’d apply the lessons to. It is a huge stepping stone for progress everywhere.


Hi everyone! I go by C.J., and I’m excited to attend fastai live for the first time.

I am interested in on-device inference and currently focus on integrating deep learning models into projects for tools like Unity, Unreal Engine, and Blender. I make tutorials for various projects on my blog.

I currently only have tutorials for Unity, but I plan to add some for Unreal Engine and Blender. I migrated my blog from fastpages to Quarto this week. I still have a few things to wrap up/clean up, but I like it so far. The live preview feature is quite helpful for catching mistakes that would break the site (totally did not wait to use it until after I broke something).

I set up Stable Diffusion on my desktop a couple of weeks ago and look forward to developing a deep understanding of it. I plan on making some tutorials base on what I learn in this course.

I am not super active on social media, but here are my Twitter, GitHub, and LinkedIn profiles. Hopefully, I’ll be able to contribute to the study group here.


Hi everyone, I’m Peter Goldstein.

I’m a software engineer, product builder, and entrepreneur living in Raleigh, NC. I have a long history building web applications, but only limited experience with machine learning. I’m also a prolific open source contributor and am the maintainer of Dalli, a Ruby memcached client library.

I’m very excited to participate in this course. I finished up part 1 a couple of weeks ago, and was really impressed. I’m really looking forward to part 2. Recent developments in the ML space are astounding, and I’m eager to both understand them better and think about what solutions can be built with them.


Very cool! Fun fact: AFAIK at I was the first person outside of LiveJournal to use memcached in production!


Hey All, I’m Mike (aka Amir aka “aeamaea” on github). I’ve been a systems admin, systems architect and all round ERP/database guy all through my IT career, but back in the day (in the mid 90’s), the magic I felt when I trained a simple neural network for a comp sci. class on a Sun workstation to recognized digits , I’ve never lost my fascination with Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks. I was fortunate enough to be included in part 1 and am super excited and honored to be included in part 2! Thank you Jeremy! fastai is an amazing community and I learn so much just lurking around these channels and listening to all the amazing conversations on these forums! 2022 has really been a great year! we got part 1 and now part 2!! I can’t wait!


Hi everyone, I’m Theodore.

I’m an environmental engineer turned into AI-driven design research and practitioner. I’m currently the Advanced Design Lead in a large engineering and advisory firm in Australia, working my way through several stepping stones towards intelligent design.

Have been with several years now, I think from the 1st edition of the course, and it has been amazing to see the community evolve and grow (even when I was absent at times).

Can’t wait for the course, sounds incredible exciting. Semantic generation is absolutely a part of the future of design I envision and SD is a huge step towards AI-driven design solutions. Will be fun!


Hey all! Super excited to be back. I’ve been heads-down shipping NNs for the last few years, but just recently left my job to explore a bit, and this course is perfect timing! Can’t wait to get my hands dirty, write some fun blog posts, and explore a bunch of recent papers!


Hi everyone! I’m Samarth — an undergrad at UC Berkeley. I’ve been building side-projects for a few years, and building with the GPT-3 API has pushed me to actually want to understand what’s up with deep learning. Halfway through the first fastAI course right now, and can’t wait to dig into the next one. Here’s my twitter!

One cool AI project you folks might like: Riff — which lets you have an office hours style conversation with a virtual professor.


Hi All, I’m very excited (and privileged) to be here for Part 2 (v5) of this FastAI course! I’m still catching up on the v4 (earlier 2022) release and I’m excited for developments in the Vision + NLP Space! It’s a really cool opportunity to get to know the behind the scenes of Stable Diffusion Models and possibly things like CLIP or DALL-E!

I also hope to use this opportunity to start blogging and get more active in the FastAI forums too :smile:!

I’m starting as an MLE this month too, so this opportunity couldn’t have come at a better time!