Introduce yourself here

Hello everybody :hugs:, I’m Grego (short for Gregorio),

I’m joining from Spain (“Hola” :wave:). I studied Telecommunications Engineering, but over the years I’ve tried to steer my career and specialise in AI/ML. I’ve watched some of Jeremy’s lessons on YouTube from previous years, but this is the first time that I’m taking the course life! I’m thrilled to be here and to share this experience with you, guys!!

Currently, I work for a small startup where we develop smart interfaces for the shop floor worker in the context of Industry 4.0. My job here is to develop voice interactions so we can help the worker do their job more easily, fast, or even in hands-free situations. Think of it like an Alexa or Google Assistant for the Industry, but rather smaller and simpler. It’s certainly a challenge, and I hope what I learn here (yep, I know this is not NLP but Diffusion :sweat_smile:) can help me get some ideas to improve our system. If you have any suggestions or you’re interested on the same topic, ping me!

You can also find me on LinkedIn here Gregorio Nuevo Castro - Senior Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing Engineer - Ancora | LinkedIn



Hi Everyone,

My name is Tolga. I’m joining from Eindhoven, the Netherlands.
Previously, I have followed fastai courses, but this is my first time following as the lectures come out.

I did my PhD on AR, but nowadays I work on applied science applications mostly using ML.
Currently, I work for Philips Research and If you are using one of the more recent Sonicare toothbrushes, you may have seen my work :slight_smile:

Here we predict where the toothbrush was inside the mouth using a deep learning approach to generate a guidance report for our users.

Happy to be here.


HI :wave: everyone,

I am Vishnu Subramanian

  • Building a GPU cloud platform for AI workloads.
  • Love learning new stuff, started my DL journey with the very fastai course.
  • I have shared some of my learnings on youtube, hoping to build a useful and popular youtube channel someday :crazy_face:. It needs a lot of effort, really admire how Jeremy is able to do it every year. Can’t miss @init_27 too for his amazing tenacity in making awesome interviews on our favorite :coffee: coffee channel.
  • Father of a cute little boy who makes my day. Currently being home-schooled.

Started watching the first lessons on SD and feel :exploding_head: will start contributing to the community in small ways in the coming days. Happy and excited to be here.

Would love to chat with you folks.
Twitter, Linkedin


Hello community!

So grateful that @jeremy invited some of the alumni back to this year’s course! Have been passively looking at the threads and videos but finally here today to introduce myself and start getting my hands dirty with the new content. I work as a Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Adobe where I mainly focus on horizontal initiatives like training infrastructure, cloud capabilities which would benefit multiple ML teams training Deep Neural nets within Adobe. But also, work on vertical initiatives around AI for creativity.

Been very fortunate to be in the very first cohort of, and I was so fascinated that I in fact left by then employer to do the course full time and dive deeper into the world of Deep Learning. For me the most exciting aspects of the current wave of AI are:

  1. Large world models - language is one of the most sophisticated way of embedding human knowledge. And it’s fascinating to see how much today’s large models are able to understand the nuances of language and the world. This completely revolutionizes how we think about building software where we are used to thinking deterministically either though logic or through narrowly developed models.
  2. Perception - speech, computer vision, tactile. There are breakthroughs in all modalities. This completely revolutionizes how we think about digital experiences where we are used to relying very archaic forms of human computer interaction (I am typing right now - instead of just speaking)
  3. Scientific discovery - I am truly fascinated what we might learn about our world with these new found microscope which don’t just allow us to see the details which we never before saw but also has the knowledge of all our greatest scientists combined.

Lastly, I do think that there are various high impact opportunities waiting to be discovered where these new capabilities can be put to good use where it’s most needed.

Looking forward to connect with folks here, feel free to connect at

Sravya Tirukkovalur


Hello world, inspired by Radek’s mailing list telling me yet again to get involved with the forum instead of lurking I thought I would start in the easiest place: the intro thread :blush:

I’m Graeme Harris, based in Cape Town, South Africa ( was lovely to here a local voice from @seem in his stable diffusion math video :slight_smile: ). I have a background in electrical engineering and recently a master’s in bio-medical engineering. Spent quite a bit of time working with MRI machines predicting breathing patterns the old-school way - with control systems. To add some flair I thought I’d share a fun picture of testing out a new MR sequence; it turns out pineapples make great test subjects:

I’ve been interested in AI/ML for quite some time and have loved this course so far! It’s been pushing me to get into the weeds, and hopefully you’ll all see me around quite a bit more. <3


Thank you @GraemeHarris and thank you @radek ! :smiley:


It’s wonderful to have another Capetonian around!! :smiley:


Hello fellow coders,

today I received my Certificate of Completion for this course. So it’s about time to introduce myself :sweat_smile:
Currently trying a MixUp approach to Jeremy’s challenge. Thought I’d use the time while the model trains to write this post.

My real name is Tobias, I’m a 35 year old Data Scientist from Germany. I’ve studied Business Informatics then got into Business Intelligence and started my Data Science/Deep Learning Journey four years ago. About two years ago I finally started to take a look into I was just amazed on how much high quality content is put together in such a consize and easy to use manner.

Actually this might be a good time to thank everyone that contributed to :pray:
The courses, tutorials, documentation and community are giving me the tools, inspiration and motivation to again and again tackle this quite intimidating field (with all those greek letters and those fancy names :upside_down_face:)


Hi I’m Aniket. Currently working as a MLE at a health care company. Nowadays my focus is on the MLOps part of the projects. I have been thinking about going through course for years but I am too lazy and lacked motivation. But the AI renaissance made me excited and here I am going through the part 2 of the course and I got inspired by @radek 's emails :smiley:


Hi everyone,

My name’s Peter and I’m a project/BIM manager for a small architecture firm in the US. I’m very excited to start this course after finishing part 1. I don’t have any formal education or training in architecture, and very much oops-ed onto my current career path after finding I had an aptitude for it.

I’ve realized that I’m not as interested in design as a younger version of myself imagined they might be, so I’m here to pursue something that I really enjoy, and to hopefully solve some problems and create something interesting along the way.

Thank you Jeremy for putting this all together, it’s been such a pleasure and an invaluable resource!


Hello everyone,

I am excited to introduce myself as an AI Research Scientist and to be part of this esteemed AI forum. My name is Shravan Kumar Parunandula, and I have been working in the field of AI for the last 6 years. I have a deep interest in exploring the latest advancements in machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing, and I am constantly looking for ways to apply these technologies to solve real-world problems.

My research interests include computer vision and NLP, and I have worked on several projects that have leveraged these techniques to create innovative solutions.

As an AI Research Scientist, I believe that the power of AI lies in its ability to create intelligent machines that can learn and adapt to new situations. I am always eager to learn from my peers and share my knowledge and experience with others. I look forward to engaging with the members of this forum and contributing to the growth of the AI community.
Thank you for taking the time to read my introduction, and I look forward to connecting with you all!

Keep in touch:

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Proud to see my African brother here.

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Hi, everyone!

I am Nwobodo Ifeanyichukwu Victor, a recent graduate of economics from the University of Nigeria (just last week) who have been learning machine learning for some time. Recently, I became interested in data science after stumbling on @jeremy fastai course and I have only started getting more engaged in Kaggle (now an expert). Just finished the course and want to try out some projects.

Just getting started with the part two of the course and already blown away but what I’d be able to do by the end of the course. Thank you all for having me here. Hope to learn a lot from all of you.


Hi everyone, I am Alex, working with Google services predominantly, especially SEO on Google Search Engine. Happy to join, looking forward to great insights, I am really thankful for this course which makes neural networks a lot easier to bring into practical use.

I took my first course in 2020 actually - and I look forward to connect to everyone here :slight_smile:

All the best!

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Hey guys!

I am Sarat, really excited to take this course and learn more about stable diffusion and all the nuts and bolts that make it work.

Thanks a lot to Jeremy and his team for putting out the course!

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Hi Everyone, I am Anirudh, from India. I have had a stop-start history with fastai. I first stumbled on it when I was looking for ways to keep me updated with the latest developments in the field after my MS in Data Science in 2020.

Jeremy’s top-down approach was really fascinating. Reading the book gave a fantastic baseline of some of the best practises and cutting edge developments with the intuition of better understanding. Following Jeremy’s advice, I started to blog, participate in Kaggle competitions. However, due to full-time work and other personal commitments I have not been able to consistently to do it till now.

With the open-source release of the Stable Diffusion course I want to get back in to fastai forums, write blogs to contribute and learn consistently. Simply put, I want to follow @jeremy’s advice a bit more consistently to make myself a better Data Scientist

Happy to know the community. Cheers :slight_smile:

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Hello! I’m just starting Part 2, I can already tell that the ‘top down’ approach is going to be a challenge for me, but it feels like the right approach. I’m excited to learn and share within this friendly community!

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Hi, I’m Sam. Currently I’m employed as a frontend C++ Developer. I’m here learn about machine & deep learning (of course :yum:), because I might to switch careers and try being a ML engineer.

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Hello, I am Mohammad. Currently working as a development engineer at Volkswagen group. I am excited to do a career transition to ML and its application in the automotive industry.