Introduce yourself here!

Hi everyone! I’m Mary, and work as a software engineer at a startup in Seattle. I took a class on AI in college and since then have been taking the odd ML course here and there. When this live class was announced, I was about halfway through the 2017 version, so I’m super excited to continue it here. Thanks to Rachel and Jeremy for doing these!!

Hi I am Raghu from Bangalore, India.
In last 18+ years of IT related work, I have been part of teams creating enterprise software to manage sales and related functions. I have worked in very large(~100k+ ppl) and also tiny organizations (5 ppl), yes spectrum where we had some one for everything v/s do it all yourself :slight_smile: I have been familiar with NeuralNetwork since 1990’s didnt get a chance to work or learn more on deep learning till now. I have tried multiple times catchup by taking online course but didnt succeed. I am super excited to take this formal course on deeplearning!
Thank you @jeremy and @rachel for this course.

Hi Everyone, I am from India, currently an undergraduate student and is highly intrested in ML/DL…

I first experimented with machine learning in late 2016. Since then I have done the CNN course by Stanford(CS-231N)(lecs - till 12 + assignment-3rd) , Machine Learning by Andrew NG(CS-229), Machine Learning course by Jeremy and his Team, (ML and DL ) and other online courses from Udacity, Udemy, Coursera, ODS etc. Going through Kaggle kernels and Medium posts is my daily job now…(a noob Kaggler though)…
In short , completely self taught from wonderful resources available online…

Had been the part of International fellowship part1v2(PyTorch) and lucky enough to get in for the third time as well…

Looking forward to learn a ton of things from the legends again!

By the way there are many names I can recognise from previous runs!
Good to see you guys again!

Thanks a lot folks for making it an amazingly tough learning path and this time I will try my best that I can change this comment on the previous run of 2nd part (here’s the link and my acceptance that I couldn’t withstand the previous part2 run)

Do check this link and the amazing responses from legends here !!(it applies to the 2nd part of the previous run Lec’s 8 onwards…)
And always remember

Doing A Course isn't enough, We need to Apply the Learning

Best Regards,


To add to @ecdrid’s humble introduction: Since the last fellowship run during which I had the privilege of meeting him, he has authored some great kernels since then, these are a must read I believe.


Hello Everyone, I’m Shriram. I work as Member of Technical Staff at VMware. I have been in field of ML/DL over a year. I have completed Udacity Nanodegrees and bunch of Coursera ML/DL courses. I along with some of my friends run a study group called AI Saturdays Bangalore chapter here in Bangalore, India(shameless plug :stuck_out_tongue:) . My interests are in CV and Deep RL.
Thank you @jeremy for making this course accessible to everyone.

AI Sturdays Bangalore Meetup:
My twitter:

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Hi everyone,
I am Ismaël Koné from Ivory Coast (West Africa) doing my PhD in Morocco.
My research focuses on developing algorithms to analyse medical images.
I’ve been a fellow of fastai last year. Since I’ve taken this course last year and been a member
of this community some great shifts happened to me:

  1. I entered an academic competition on breast cancer where I ranked 8th/51. This is not too much but it was very significant for me. By the way, it was during this competition, I made a PR to fastai lib and this was my first contribution to an open source project. Thank you @jeremy for encouraging us to always try.

  2. Following @jeremy and @rachel on twitter, I knew about the Black-in-AI community and Deep learning Indaba event which I attended about 2 months ago. This was a very awesome networking opportunity where I met @sebastianruder who co-authored the UMLFit paper with @jeremy and also google AI, DeepMind guys, etc…

  3. Being in these community, I registered to the Data Science Nigeria Summer school. They had a pre-qualification step in which they set up a kaggle competition where I ranked 1st. I used DL for structured data. Microsoft africa granted me the travel from Morocco to Lagos to attend the summer school. Once there mates kept asking me about my solution and told them Fastai and encourage them to register for this iteration. I think this contributes to the concentration of people in Nigeria registered for this course.

  4. Lately, I’ve been selected to attend the black in AI workshop co-occuring during NIPS 2018. Again a great upcoming opportunity. Hopefully, I’ll get my visa to go to Canada to attend this event.

I’ve been quite long… I’d like to say warm and huge thank to @jeremy and @rachel to make this knowledge so accessible for free so that under represented people like could benefit from.
I’m looking forward to deepen my knowledge in the subjects and boost further my research.


Welcome @iskode. Terrific work and progress. Wish you all the best :+1:

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Thank you @pnvijay

Hi, I am Dina ,work as .net developer. I graduated from faculty of computer science. I have completed the Machine Learning course by Andrew Ng . I am in master degree and i want to make my research in NLP and Deep Learning.I am excited to this course to be able to build real projects .

Hi everyone,

I’m James Dietle, I have been taking these classes for years now and am the Information Security Director of AIG’s Group Retirement.

The best part of these course has been how we used some of @jeremy’s techniques on in-house projects to improve our data to detect fraud and protect our customers. Equally as good has been the ability to understand and call out all of the hype from people trying to sell their “machine learning” and “AI” solutions. Our datasets are getting better every day without expensive add-ons.

The other half is keeping myself trained on the latest technology and keep me in the code. The pace of has helped me maintain that understanding, try out agile programming, the excuse to play with new technologies (like jupityr and docker). I have failed at lots of things (classifying medical images, spaceship fights, traffic prediction, insurance, etc.) but did better than expected because of the techniques I learned in this class.

You can find me the most here on linkedin but now I am doing more on Youtube.


Hi All,
I am Jayesh and I work as Validation Engineer at an MNC in India. Looking forward to gain maximum out of this MOOC by dirtying my hands.

Thanks @Jeremy and @rachel for bringing this awesome course!!


Alexis here accessing from Spain, software engineer working mainly with very high resolution Satellite Imagery. I have already followed the two previous versions of the course and developed a few operational applications using the previous version of the library. Looking forward to attend live this year even if the time difference will be brutal,

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Hello All, I am Vijay currently working as a machine learning engineer. Looking forward to attend this course. Thank you!

I’m a little late to the party, but here goes. :grinning:

My name is Kyle Nesgood, and I’m an Associate Director for Protiviti, a consultancy starting to look at how to better leverage ML/AI. I took last year’s Deep Learning pt. 1 and really, REALLY enjoyed it – more than anything else, it’s what spurred me on to participate in some Kaggle competitions, devoting 10/hrs week to study, start drafting some blog posts, etc. I’ve got 4-5 folks from my team joining me this year and am very excited to see what they (all WAY smarter than I) can come up with.

In my spare time, I raise three children with my wife. Any other time usually goes to getting some gaming in - a habit from my youth I’ve never lost. I’m located in Minneapolis and am happy to chat/meet up with anyone else taking the course!


Hi all, this is Varun.
Currently working in an MNC based out of from New York. I am here as a curious engineer to get hands on experience on deep learning and explore ways in which it can be used in financial modelling space.

Hello! I am Pavithra, co-founder of

We have been working on sports analytics using Deep Learning this year and it has been an exciting venture for us. Our initial goal is to work on racquet sports like Tennis, Badminton, Squash.

A huge fan of, I am all geared up for v3! :slight_smile:


Hi All !

My name is Arek - I have been working in IT industry for the last 20 years.
My background comes from Unix systems then Win/Linux and SAP/Oracle and services and projects delivery.
I have Python experience from the last year, I have also taken some ML online courses.

I am looking forward to gain some more practical knowledge on ML and I am especially interested in image recognition.

Good luck !

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My name is Gabriel, from Sweden.

I have previously taken the Machine Learning course and Deep Learning Specialization at coursera. Very much bottom-up-learning type of courses with great content but lacking in practical application.
I still see myself as a beginner in AI/ML/DL and data science and with the courses, having a top-down-learning and very practical approach, I hope to gain the practical knowledge I’m currently lacking.

It will be fun working with you all.

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Hello all,
Very exited to be taking another fastai course! My name is Ville and I’m from Finland. I have a background in mathematics and finance, and I’ve been gradually moving towards data science / AI. This will be another step on that road.

That’s an amazing Initiative!!
You learn twice when you teach!