How has your journey been so far, learners?

(Rahul Pathak) #124

Hi Everyone, I work at Visteon, Pune, India. My job is working on Board Support Package(BSP) involving Linux Kernel/Device Drivers.

I got interested in A.I field when i started watching TV Series “Person of Interest”. That interest got converted into engagement when AlphaGo won against Lee Sedol in 2016. Since then I am learning myself. I have completed Andrew NG course in Machine Learning and currently Deep Learning Specialization is in progress.

I am really excited to be the part of this course. Thanks @jeremy for this International Fellowship program.

(Rikiya Yamashita) #125

Hello all,

My background is in Radiology (a radiologist), and I’ve been working on cancer research in NYC. For about a year, I’m really into deep learning and machine learning. I’d like to apply DL and ML to medical imaging, and my future dream is to create a “Alpha radiologist” (not to replace us but to augment us :wink: ).

Honestly, I was not a coder at all, so I started learning DL and ML from total scratch. So far, I’ve completed Andrew Ng’s Machine Learning and DL specialization courses (except for the most recent CNN course), in the meantime I realized the importance of “practice” when my attempt to challenge a Kaggle competition fell through. That’s why I’m here, and I’m so happy to be able to join this state-of-the-art top-down style course and all the highly inspiring individuals here.
Thank you @jeremy and @rachel for giving me this wonderful opportunity :smile:

Would like to get connected on linkedin.

(Hannan Ali) #126

Hey @alessiamarcolini!

Extremely useful application of Deep learning in the field of agritech, this work will help many wine producers all over the world improve the yield and make the farmers more productive. I have a question specific to Azure Cloud, I have seen a little or no mentions of people using Azure Cloud in this forum, but I do want to try it out for this course. How has your experience been with it, I am targetting to use their GPU instance such as NC6 (it’s linux after all. Do you recommend it? Any specific hurdles that occured in your way?

Two main reasons I am targetting Azure cloud are:

  • I love to try new things :tada:
  • I think it might be possible for me to get some free credits with them which I really need right now as I missed on the credits provided by FastAI Course. Would love to hear your opinion. Thanks a lot!

(Muhammad Umar Farooqi) #127

Hi there,

My name is Umar Farooqi. I’m CS graduate from the University Of Waterloo. I have joined this course to get some hands-on experience in NLP so that I can eventually filter Facebook News Feed based on users’ interest and usage.


(Debashish Panigrahi) #128

Hi All,

I’m Deb (Debashish). My interest in machine learning started with the movie Terminator. Yes the one from the 80s :slight_smile: But I didn’t work on it until recently. My interest grew when I started working with a private party on an analytics application. I come from a background in Design Automation. So I had to pick up some slack there. I have used various classifiers but none intrigued me like neural nets. I see how AI can save lives and make our lives easier but also I’m terrified how the world can become with machines ruling our lives. So I decided to be at the front-end of the change, than the back-end :slight_smile:


Hi all,

I am using Machine Learning to predict contract default rates based on time series data. Until now the XGBOOST algorithm always beats my neural net performance, but almost certainly this new deep learning knowledge may change this.

Learning a lot in this course and would like to thank Jeremy and Rachel for this great opportunity.

(Balaji) #130

Hi friends,

Its great to be part of this team of Thanks to @rachel and @jeremy.

I am a biomedical engineer with 2 years experience in providing technical support during surgery to Doctors. I have good idea about endoscopy and laparoscopy procedures.

Then got into R&D. Now I have 1.5 yrs as Medical Image processing engineer building algorithms to handle images associated with
*Whole Slide Images associated with Mouse Brain ()
Using tools such as MATLAB and OpenCV with CUDA bindings.

A beginner in Deep Learning and Machine Learning. Was able to secure 8th spot in Hacker Earth Deep learning challenge using pytorch.

Strong believer in “Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.” It would be great to work as a team and bring our best to the table so everyone could learn as a team and grow together.


I love to provide lot of suggestions. If people are interested and if the suggestions are feasible we can give it a try.
Suggestion: It would be great to maintain any excel or platform where each of us can share the techniques they try or techniques they use for each of the example codes. So this would reduce the scenario of multiple people trying to change the same parameter or technique.
So we can map more things.

Have a great learning…

(Kristin) #131

Hi! I’ve been a fullstack software engineer at a small bioinformatics company for almost a year and a half and I have a background in earth sciences and design. I did a bit of modeling in grad school (mostly bottom-up, but a little top-down), and I’ve dabbled a little with Jupyter notebooks and a few Scikit Learn models. Currently I’m interested in genomics and geographical distribution of diseases (among many other things, but I’m planning to focus on genomics for this course). Anyone else interested in genomics modeling?

(Vishal Pandey) #132

Hello @kristin … I am too interested in Genomics.

(Kristin) #133

Cool! I’m thinking getting data could be problematic, but I am planning on asking the data scientists at work where I might find a good set. One of my coworkers pointed this one out to me:

(Vishal Pandey) #134

Yeah It looks a good resource to try out… Thanks for that…!

(Tuatini GODARD) #135

@Vishucyrus @KavaGal I’m also interested in genomics/bioinformatics :slight_smile: but for now my knowledge is limited to computer science (12y+)/data science(~1y). I think I better sharpen my skills in Data science first before jumping to genomics/bioinformatics :slight_smile:

(Alejandro Zuleta) #136

Hello everyone! Thanks @jeremy and @rachel for creating this! I am a developer (mostly web dev) from Colombia, but currently living in Chile. Here I am working on my own startup, which, roughly speaking, is a language learning tool that combines artificial intelligence with human intelligence. About 3 years ago I founded and currently co-organize the Data Science Meetup in Bogotá, Colombia. I’ve had an interest in ML for a long time but only recently (~2 years) I started studying it more seriously, mostly from books. This course is an awesome opportunity to learn hands-on Deep Learning. I am specially interested in the applications to NLP and, particularly, machine translation.

(Choong Hong Cheng) #137

Hi everyone, firstly thanks @jeremy and @rachel for making this course available for international fellowship and having the content available !

I am running a start up doing b2b bluetooth lock but AI always has been a fascinating subject to me. I still remembered when I signed up a distance learning course on AI locally couple of years back but I gave up later as it taking quite a long time and focusing more on theory. I do like the format that focus on having more hands on instead of theory. My interest with AI started with Ghost In the Shell anime/manga, especially the AI in spider tank (Tachikoma - タチコマ)

Lastly I am planning to do some Starcraft AI bots but really need some advises on where to start ? Looking at google deepmind implementation, I am wondering whether pytorch will be good enough for this ?

(Asir Saeed) #138

Hello everyone!
I’m Asir from Dhaka, Bangladesh, currently working as a Software Engineer in Tokyo. I have a computer science background from Undergrad and have been dabbling in Machine Learning and Python for the past year or so. I’m interested in applying deep learning ideas to Japanese Literature, Agriculture/Food Production and Disaster Mitigation/Management.

Very excited for this course and appreciate the opportunity to attend remotely!

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #139

That’s an interesting mix! Do you have a twitter handle? If so, let me know what it is so I can intro you to someone on twitter who is also doing DL for Japanese literature analysis (if you’d find that helpful).

(Asir Saeed) #140

Thank you! Would very much appreciate the connection! I don’t have a twitter handle but would still like to connect through other social media, email etc it possible.


I would suggest getting a Twitter handle :slight_smile: I started using Twitter two months ago and it is amazing for deep learning or learning in general :slight_smile:

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #142

Yeah I’ll need a twitter handle - I don’t have any other contact information for them. And all the best ML and DL up-to-date info is on Twitter anyway :slight_smile:

(Asir Saeed) #143

Here’s my handle: the_asir. Just made an account so don’t have any tweets :sweat_smile: But please let me know if you have recommendations on who to follow to get updated information