How do you... learn? (and study)

Thanks a bunch, I’ll take a look at the stuff you suggested!:+1:

Thanks Kevin,
Your right, there are alot of other avenues to try before spending money on tech support.:slightly_smiling_face:

May I add a question here for everyone?

I take notes (for this course, but I could say this for a lot of aspects of my life) by hand and with markdown, I’m just curious about this point: what do you do? Do you write down notes by hand, or in an “electronic” format? How do you manage to keep your notes organized?

I don’t. I mean, I write down notes in both way and then I have a little mess… That’s why I’m asking :slight_smile:

Hi davidgerva hope all is well!

I used to write notes by hand, but found once I turned the page of my notebook, I seldom went back and reviewed them and couldn’t find what I was looking for, so I didn’t find handwritten notes that useful. However I still use it for exploring ideas and mind-mapping problems.

I tried using a plain text editor, then a spreadsheet, then a database for notes. All of the above had short comings. I like diagrams and images so the text editor didn’t really work for me. I could put images in the spreadsheet and the database, but had to search for items in the database which I found cumbersome and the formatting images to stay in the correct position was tiresome in the spreadsheets.

I have now use almost exclusively Markdown for my notes as, this means that they can easily be turned into blogs and posts etc. Also I don’t have to worry about code and other types of text being reformatted.

I am currently using one large Markdown file which covers everything I learn and am doing in AI and IT and could even make a nice book one day. Combined with Jupyter labs/notebooks, Its proving to be the best and most effective note taking system that suits my personal requirements and learning style.

Cheers mrfabulous1 :smiley::smiley:


Thank you very much @mrfabulous1,
this is really interesting to me since I’m also exploring markdown, synced in gdrive, and I also love hand-notes. I struggle sometimes when I have to attach others multimedia to my notes. so for instance if I have to add a pdf, inside gdrive is not a problem, adding a yupiter notebook is. And gdrive is probably not the best markdown solutions.

I tried github to store my markdown notes but again, not the best place where to add other material.

Well, I hope I’ll find my road on note taking :slight_smile:

Thank you again!