How do you create your own dataset, and link path to amazon S3

Hello, complete noob here.

I have watched almost all of the videos and have gone through a significant amount of links and resources but I am still struggling with two things:

  1. Creating my own text, image, or tabular datasets.
  2. Setting the pathway to those datasets (from amazon s3 bucket or even local computer).

This has been a huge barrier for me, any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.

Everything I have seen regarding establishing the data path involves URLs to jupyter tree (I believe) or somewhere else that I could not trace. I really just want to make my second pass through the videos to write the code and create/apply my own datasets to check if I truly understood it or not.

Will pay in tokens :smiley:


Looks like I will have to fly out to SF

Here is a simple notebook with the oxford-pet example from Jeremy. Maybe it helps --> Oxford-Pet

There are also a few other notebooks in the repo with other kind of data.

While I haven’t come across that, I still don’t understand how to set the path to images in a S3 bucket. Thanks though

Hi, I know it has been some time since you posted this but if you’re still interested I posted the code that worked for me: My S3 ImageList version


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