Hidden Docs of Fastcore

Thank you so much Jeremy! :grin: Now I should be more careful on the questions I post and so that I won’t waste your time and others who read them.

Here’s an example of one:

If you do make any changes, please send us a PR! :smiley: Here’s the relevant bit of the repo: https://github.com/fastai/course22-web/tree/master/Lessons/Summaries


This one may be a private repo at the moment.

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Yeah, I am not able to access it, if it could be, please make it public soon.
Thanks a lot, daniel for your efforts.

Can’t wait to check out your fastdebug library. I believe there is some weird behavior with pdb with fastai, especially when I want to step into some function that inherits type dispatch.

Could you show me an example of what you mean?

Thanks for being interested in it :grin: I am still in the process of building an important feature. When it is done I will let you know.

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Oops! Fixed now.


Thanks. Currently, I don’t remember what exactly is the problem I got. Something like when I step into a function, pdb leads me to the definition of type dispatch in fastcore instead of the function I am interested in. When I remember, I will tell you.

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I have finished building the major tools I need for exploring and documenting fastcore library. Now comes the real test, which is whether this library can really assist me explore and learn fastcore library with easy and joy. (If I keep posting more often here, it probably means this little tool helps)

Before I move on to the real challenge, please let me give this library a little exposure.

If you are interested to see the notebook, I have the html version below as my git recently messed up and I can’t use git at all. I will update the library once I get my git back.


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summaries on test_sig, _rm_self, FixSigMeta, PrePostInitMeta, AutoInit, and how to use snoop and docsrc to explore 3 classes in one example.

Now, the fastdebug repo is updated

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What I have learnt from _funcs_kwargs and funcs_kwargs

for more details, please visit the notebook