Hello! Intros thread!


:wave: I’m Pavan Ravipati!

First off, I love that Markdown is supported in the comments and also in .ipynb notebooks–who knew! I work at GitHub as a solutions engineer (which means I solve setup / configuration / and integration problems for customers who are looking to buy GitHub Enterprise). In the day-to-day of my job I write very little code, which I miss, as I previously worked as a full stack developer.

I’m interested in learning about deep learning because I think there is a tremendous opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs who understand the subject well to shake up existing industries. I feel inspired by the bios of the other people in the class–it’s clear to me that many of you are experts in your respective fields! While I am by no means an expert, I intend on contributing by working hard to learn the material and be helpful to my peers in any way that I can.

Cheers! :beers:

(sarwo) #42

Hi i’m sarwo

from indonesia, I’m interested in learning about deep learning because this part of my disertation


(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #43

Nice to have a github expert here - I’m sure you’ll be very helpful to this community! :slight_smile:


I am working as an engineering manager in software industry. I have studied Physics and Computer Science in grad school, although most of the Physics stuff is forgotten by now. Recently I have started finding certain topics interesting which have nothing to do with my day job. Some of these are learning/reading about Scala, Haskell, Functional Programming, Machine Learning etc.

I came to know about kaggle through the no free hunch blog and reading about the competitions. I am grateful to the course instructors for making this course available for interested learners for free. I hope to be able to get some understanding of where and how to apply the techniques learnt in this course.

My hobbies are trying to learn interesting stuff, listening to music, reading.

(Ravi Sekar Vijayakumar) #45

Hi everyone!

My name is Ravi, I’m an IC design/cad engineer. As part of the job, I get to work on graph problems and MCMCs and hope/plan to apply DL techniques in these areas. I have been studying DL for over 6 months now, but have not been able to get enough nuances to start applying it beyond example notebooks. I find the materials and structure of this course to be amazing. Many thanks and kudos to Jeremy and Rachel! It has helped me kickstart and I have already started putting the material to use for fisheries contest. I look forward to be part of this community.

(Jay) #46

Hi there, help adding to slack channel ?


(Alexandre Cadrin-Chênevert) #47

Hello everyone,

I’m Alexandre Cadrin-Chenevert. I am a canadian diagnostic and interventional radiologist. I’ve graduated in Computer engineering in 1999 from École Polytechnique, MD in 2004 from Universite de Montreal, Diagnostic radiology residency in 2009. During my last century CE degree, I worked part time for Softimage (owned by Microsoft at that time), enjoyed teaching basic undergraduated programming/3d imaging courses, and spent too much time playing warcraft II during the first age of rts multiplaying. For the past 4 years, I was chief of my medical imaging department but I recently realigned to focus on my family. Radiology was a natural path for me.

Deep learning is also a natural path for me. This is the breaktrough I was waiting. I want to help transfer my personal radiology expertise to machine learning. Clearly understanding deep learning, judging its forces and weaknesses, is the key for a fluent and efficient focused transfer. Anything less is probably counterproductive. Time, not money, being the issue.

I really really enjoy running and cycling. Unfortunately, I recently understood that running more than 20 miles/week is probably not a good long term health plan. Consequently, I have some new available hours/week for the course.

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Once you’ve reached trust level 1 on the forums (by contributed/reading) you’ll get access to a forum thread with the signup URL. (Although there’s a lot more activity here on the forums than on slack.)

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #49

Nice to have a radiologist here - I spent a couple of years in that world through my last startup, Enlitic. It’s a great place to apply DL. Let us know if you start working on any medical imaging DL projects and are interested in getting help form the community here. :slight_smile:

(Alexandre Cadrin-Chênevert) #50

Thanks Jeremy ! I landed here after reading about Enlitic (RSNA news). That seriously looks like a terrific startup with a great team. I couldn’t superficially explain the recent CEO change and tried to find it by following the next path of the founder that directed me here. I have some friends around here who inherited academically from Yoshua Bengio in Montreal. Your MOOC course is perfect for my needs to introduce the coder perspective. I still don’t exactly know in which direction I am going but it looks very interesting and challenging. Your course will probably be a compass for me. Thanks for offering this great opportunity.

(Guru Dharmateja Medasani) #51

Hi everyone,

My name is Guru Medasani and I’m currently working as a Solutions Architect at Cloudera in Chicago, IL. I travel around the country and sometimes around the world helping customers scale their applications to deal with big data. Prior to Cloudera, I worked as an engineer at Monsanto’s Research and Development in St.Louis, MO helping them scale their genomic pipelines on top of Hadoop.

My interest started in Machine Learning in 2013 when I heard scientists around me talk about predictive analytics, Bayesian models and how they need more engineers with knowledge in these areas. I quickly went and took Andrew NG’s Coursera Machine Learning class and absolutely loved it. From there on I took several MOOCs on data science and machine learning. Slowly as part of my current job, I started helping customers build large scale machine learning models on top of Hadoop and Spark. As I tried to apply natural language processing on twitter and other types of text data, I landed on neural networks, deep learning websites/papers and then eventually self-driving cars :). From this course, I hope to learn start of the art deep learning models and how to use them to solve various problems.

My current interests are learning state of the art deep learning architectures and data science methods to solve real-world business problems and public policy issues. My current hobbies include reading, watching tons of Netlfix/HBO and following politics.

Since everyone here is interested in learning deep learning, I encourage you to also learn about the impact of deep learning and AI on the economy and jobs. Here is a recent presidential report on AI and economy.

Jeremy, thank you for providing this class as a MOOC and enabling people like me to join your class from Chicago and other parts of the world. I look forward to this class and some great discussions on this forum.

Guru Medasani

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #52

Well said!

(Alon Burg) #53

Hi everyone,

I’m Alon, freelancer and founder of 2 “social” startups, coming with background in backend/frontend/mobile dev.
Before this class I did the Coursera class of ML by Andrew Ng, and some of the Udacity Deep Learning and Kadenze Deep learning.
Up to this post I’ve listened to the first 2 classes, and I was so happy for all the tips Jeremy is spreading throughout the videos. It really helps seeing someone exploring and constructing a convnet from zero and explaining all the latest developments which I’ve been trying to pick around from different posts/articles but never really successfully.

I’m looking forward seeing SuperIntelligence :slight_smile: joining Kaggle contests, and trying to run agents in OpenAI.
Will Reinforcement learning be covered? :slight_smile:

Thank you Jeremy.



Hi everyone, and big thanks to Jeremy and Rachel for this awesome looking course!

Im a theoretical physicist, shifting toward computer sciences in the last years. At this moment I’m working in the development of educational VR and AR apps for schools and institutes.

I’ve been growing a great interest in DL during last year, dedicating an increasing amount of time to take some courses (Ng Andrew in Coursera and the ones about DL with Tensorflow in Udacity and Kadenze) and to read lots and lots of papers. By now I’ve experimented with plenty of different NN architectures, but I find myself yet unable of advance further by my own, for example trying to implement the things I readi in technical papers. That is one of my objectives by now, and in a longer term, to be able to start applying this tools to any useful/social/creative/funny/crazy/whatever application that could come up.


(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #55

Yup - in part 2 next year

(Jude Ben) #56

Hi Every one. My name is Jude Ben ,I’m really excited to have access to this course from Africa,
i followed Erica Lee on Facebook and yesterday, She shared the link about the course. I was super excited because this is what have been looking for to get the right foundation in deep learning. i Have more Experienced on Android development and Intermediate Skills on Python.
co-founded ShareQube and I recently built Nammi android App - A local Artisans recommender App for Nigerians, Recently been following and getting myself started on Amazon DSSTNE library for building Deep Learning (DL) machine learning (ML) models but i can’t really figure out how to make it work with my an Android Application.
i probably would ask more question on using Deep learning in Android Apps.

I am taking this course because I am particularly interested in how we can apply deep learning to solve many Africa problem and I hope to build a recommendation engine with deep learning to power Artisan recommendations on Nammi after this course and get to learn from all the Experts here.
I have a Computer Science B.sc, and still on a look out for Scholarship, Research grant etc for Master in AI related field.

Outside of programming and entrepreneurship , i get to inspires as many young Africans in my city to jump into tech through start innovation hub and GDG,UYO. I’m looking forward to meeting you all!

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #57

Welcome Jude - nice to have someone here representing Africa. :slight_smile: Are you based in Lagos? Are there any deep learning meetups or machine learning groups over there? I hope you can convince some of your fellow Africans to come join this deep learning community!

(Jude Ben) #58

I live in Akwa Ibom but regularly in Lagos, No Deep learning meetup in Nigeria that i’m aware of, Maybe I will start one as i Progress, Yes I will share it in the tech communities in Nigeria , Many people will join in January. Thanks for the warm welcome

(Hristo Vrigazov) #59

Hello all,

My name is Hristo, I am from Bulgaria. I am student in Computer Science and also working as software engineer part-time. I am fascinated by Deep Learning and can’t wait to learn how to solve problems using it! I am currently taking Udacity’s Self-driving car engineering nanodegree, and I love both Coursera and Udacity.

Good luck to all!

(Jim Carreer) #60


Software Engineer specializing in Security. Stumbled across these lessons over my Holiday and was interested in learning more. Specifically there are probably some problems in Information Security related to traffic and log analysis that could benefit from Machine Learning / Deep Learning techniques, though I’m not sure there are any appropriate data sets yet for this.