Grassland Weed detector

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@aidank A bolt on attachment to a tractor would be easier but Im excited about having a low powered device that I can leave in a field for hours on end guided using only GPS and a laptop.

@jerevon Thanks, how is your project going? Do you have a machine in the fields yet?

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(Junfeng) #44

it’s going well, we try to shrink deep neural model to speed up prediction. we currently do not have machine in the fields as developing software is our priority.

(Gavin Armstrong) #45

Sounds interesting it’s a great practical problem to be tackling now. If you ever need a rover to mount you software and cameras let me know. :yum:

(Junfeng) #46

that’s really cool. Thanks.

(Gavin Armstrong) #47

Ok things are starting to move along here and the prototype test rig is now just about finished. I am now about to start the programming side of things. Its winter here so I am thinking I can set up a test course inside one of the farm sheds as the fields have sheep on them now and no weeds. I have a space with a nice concrete floor I can scatter some bright objects on the floor like some yellow rubber ducks or painted blocks of wood and build a classifier to detect them against the concrete floor. I’m hoping that the bright colour contrast will mean the ducks will be accurately and easily detected.

Im new to coding so my first challenge is sending data to the Arduino from Python in the form of an array to switch off and on the spray heads. If anyone wants to help please do :slight_smile: I will post what I have on a Github account.