Getting The Bing Image Search key

Thank you. I follow your suggestion, and use Bing Search v7 instead.
I seems that Bing Search Key link has been changed.

In addition, ims = results.attrgot(‘content_url’) should be changed to ims = results.attrgot(‘contentUrl’) to notebook to work

Hi, @czechcheck. SerpApi developer here. I’ve randomly noticed this comment. Thank you for trying our service to get image URLs.

We can offer free search credits for students. Just write us a message via a contact form at

I’ll post a wrapper function like search_images_bing for SerpApi if someone is interested.


It seems everything has changed from how it was back in 2020. Maybe this is useful for someone who is trying to set up Bing Seach API in 2021 (March).

  1. Go over to the Microsoft API website
  2. Click on “try now”
  3. Finish the setup with Azure.
  4. Fill in the details to create the Bing resource. Make sure to create a new “resource group” and click “create”.
  5. Find your key under the section “Keys and Endpoint”
  6. Copy the key, place it in a file and call it when needed.



Man, you saved my life.

Hey Palaash, I have the same issue. Did you resolve it? Can you help me with me it?

I didn’t find a solution to this Bing issue, but found a great alternative that I use now. Try this!

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Appreciate the help man. Thank you!

Thanks a lot dude. Appericate it @thatgeeman

Hey people!
Any updates regarding this? Especially the free api part?

Hi Abhay,
I don’t have a solution to this problem, but found a great (and much more easier to use) alternative

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Thanks so much, this was great help for me. :slight_smile:

Has anyone here in the recent week tried to obtain a bing search api key? I registered for the azure platform and tried to follow these screenshot instructions but it seems the layout has changed and I can’t seem to find a page to access the bing api key. Any recommendation or advice?

It is asking about card details, do we surely have to fill that? I’m just a student and I don’t have any to pay for it. And I have only my country card which is a Rupay card and not a master or visa card either. How can I afford the key? Someone out there, please help me out to fix this.

I tried this link and created a new API then:

Hello! I wrote a blog post on how to use Google Images API to get similar functionality (should work without a card). Please do check it out and let me know if it works for you :slight_smile:


It worked like a charm

There’s quite a number of replies on using bing-image-downloader and yes it works as well. I do found that the results aren’t very clean, as in lots of results that return aren’t grizzly bears for example. Requires more experimentation to support my claim.

I did through a modified
google_images_download :
pip install git+

next :
from google_images_download import google_images_download #importing the library

response = google_images_download.googleimagesdownload() #class instantiation

arguments = {“keywords”:“titmouse bird,nightingale,sparrow”,“limit”:100,“print_urls”:True} #creating list of arguments

paths = #passing the arguments to the function

print(paths) #printing absolute paths of the downloaded images

can anyone suggest how to use this further in 02_production.ipynb ?how to correctly replace instead of
results = search_images_bing(key, f’{o} bear’) ?

This is out of date as of October 2020. This is now the way to set it up:

I think a new article should be written and used as the link on the images section:


Thanks Palaash!