Finding Homeworks/Assignments per Lesson for V3?

Where can we find opportunities to try things from the 2019 lessons as homework assignments?


Similar here. I took a while to search around the forum for the homework information…(since I believe doing some actual coding like ‘homework’ will be a great way to learn.)

From what I have seen so far…

the homework shall be try to redo the notebook by yourself

And…kindly let me know if that’s not true @_@

  • Datasets page is great way to get a hands on with a different data set.
  • [Updated] Google Datasets Search is also a way to find datasets related to a particular topic.
  • [Updated] More than 200 NLP datasets available at Big bad NLP database
  • This github repository along with the link to data sets maintained by @nirantk also is a great way to find inspirations for the projects.

As I see Msivanes gave you a hand already. But if you need help with homework here, contact me, maybe we can help each other with the study :slight_smile: