FastChai and Kaggle: Group based Projects

Willing to join but my time is limited to weekdays 21:00~23:00JST (17:30~19:30IST).
Any teams/members were that time is overlaying with theirs?

Anyone interested in joining on the Cassava competition? I’ve been working on this.

This thread has quietened a lot since the last two weeks – where are all the conversations happening? Discord? I don’t see much on Slack unless I have missed out the messages.

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My group moved to Discord - I created a server for the 5 of us

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Hi, guys how can I enter the study groups for the challegens?

We are participating in the Tweet Sentiment Extraction competition:

Please feel to share your feedback, any tips or comments will be appreciated – thank you.


We are participating in the Herbarium challenge. This is a computer vision problem, and the challenge is to identify plant species from herbarium specimens.
If this sounds interesting to you, please do join. We do not have a leader yet, so we’d greatly appreciate if someone experienced could join and fill that role.

Yes I’m also working on the same project. We can team up.

I am interested as well. Send me a DM.

I added my write-up for the plant competition. Top 12% after 2 sprints, I am pretty happy with the result!


@kevinh - Excellent work & writeup. Thanks for sharing.

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Hi Kevinh
Were do I find your writeup about the plantpathology contest?
Thank you

Hi @Whity ! there’s a collapsable section called “Links to Write-ups/Demos” in the initial post of this thread.

Ahh, thank you. Nice Writeup!

I am interested. I hope I am not too late.

Is anyone working on the kaggle jane street competition?


I missed the Zoom call to start off the sprint 9th Jan - 23rd Jan for APAC today. Is there an open slot in any of the teams for this sprint in APAC group?

Thank you.

I am very interested in working on the jane street competition.

@Romandovega mandovega would you like to work with someone else? or are you going solo. I am also working on the same problem.

I am working on fraud detection. I spent a few weeks trying RF and missed some really crucial details as pointed out in the TOP solution. It is explained quite well and the goal is to get top 10% using this. Anyone will to join is welcome.