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Getting help

There are help topics for beginner questions, to ensure that your questions aren’t missed. If you’re really new to all this stuff, then your question is especially welcome, since beginners often feel intimidated from posting a question for the first time, and as a result all the many students with that question never actually see it posted!


Useful links

Etiquette for Posting to Forums

  1. If you like a post, it’s better to “like” it with the :heart: rather than commenting. It saves traffic in the Forums and makes it easier for everyone to find posts.
  2. Please be mindful of looking to see if a topic exists before starting a new thread.
  3. Do a quick search of the forums to see if your question is already under discussion.
  4. Do not @ people if you are not referencing them for a specific reason that requires the attention of that forum member. Be especially mindful in mentioning Jeremy.
  5. You can use this thread to chat about pretty anything (except politics/religion/stuff that might start a flame war!): General chat . For other posts, please keep them to stuff that’s at least somewhat related to the course and its content.

Other information

  • If you need to learn Python, see here: Recommended Python learning resources ✅
  • I recorded 18 “live coding” sessions explaining from the foundations how to set up and use a GPU server to train and develop deep learning models – here are the live coding videos
  • If you want to find out more about your fellow students, check out the introductions thread - and maybe add a bit about yourself there too!
  • Here is advice on how to ask for help in a way that maximizes the chances someone else will be able to provide a helpful answer.

It would be really helpful if you complete this short survey to let us know anonymously how the course is going for you so far: https://forms.gle/4BppGdmMpDnSPxeU7

We’d really like everyone to answer at least the first multiple choice question if at all possible.



Something that came up a few times in the mid-source survey is that some beginners don’t feel comfortable asking questions, because there’s a lot of non-beginners around in the lesson threads so it can feel intimidating. We’d love to see as many beginner questions as possible in the lesson threads, since that’s the most helpful thing to other beginners to see them asked and answered!

In order to hopefully make things a bit less intimidating, I’ve also created threads now especially for beginner questions:

You can also find these links in the top post of this topic.


The results of the survey are now available here:


Part 2 of the course is now released!