Displaying images in a dataframe

I’m having a lot of trouble finding a solution that actually works, so I wonder if anyone has had this problem (or may have it in the future!):

I have locally stored image files (JPG, but I’ve tried PNGs with no success) that I want to display as a column in a dataframe. This solution seems like it should work, but the file path displays, with no images.

And this solution works wonderfully, except that it only works for URLs instead of locally stored images.

Anyone out there know something about displaying images within a dataframe? I’d be extremely grateful for your help :slight_smile:

I have a similar problem. In my case the image is part of the last column in dataframe and it is already encoded.

Thanks for chiming in! Interesting - so you can load images into a dataframe column, it’s just in the wrong column? And the image is a numpy array?

Yes. Image is in a ndarray string. I am trying to loop in the column and write out the image object, then augment the df column with the file. I know it is a circuitous route and may not be ideal but I dont know how else I can get this done.