Dealing with URLs, hashtags, and Twitter IDs in social media data

Here, is what I did for my twitter dataset


Thanks Rajat - awesome :smile:

Hi @rajath, if possible could you please tell us how did you train your twitter dataset ? For example, I use twitter api to scrape all the text corpus the I want to do sentiment on that data. However, those scrapped text are just the test set, we need to training dataset. So where we could get the tweeter training dataset ? Thanks

Hope this helps, but it depends on hashtag you are analyzing.

Thank Rajat, that’s helpful. Suppose I want to train on data set of comments about the football so that I can know that person like/ dont like football. Does that data set exist ?

For Sentiment Analysis, any dataset related to any sports, should work.

I have uploaded some of the twitter analysis on GitHub:
Here, is the link:-1:

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@rajath Can you share the data?

You can collect using this. TAGS is a free Google Sheet template which lets you setup and run automated collection of search results from Twitter.

My colleague at research lab have created Twitter Data Collection repo. He has provided instructions in ppt on how to run code. Hope, this helps people looking to work with Twitter.

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I’ve found this app for effective dealing with hashtags on Instagram

What’s a Twitter APP?

Went to the Repo, and read the PPT file, When I went to and logged in with my twitter ID, it asked me to create a new APP. I don’t know what to do next to create or run the twitter query.

Hi Bart

Actually it is really nothing but a label for your setup of ID and key etc., to designate your future process for how you want to download data from Twitter - an identifier if you like - all you need at this stage is a name for your eventual “app”, which may be no more than some python code that downloads streaming twitter data!.

A good short introduction for this is here:

I recommend Mastering Social Media Mining with Python by Marco Bonzanini - he publishes a more thorough introductory tutorial based on his book here:

I’m happy to help if you need it, I am currently downloading a few months of Twitter data on a specific subject using a python program that utilizes the Tweepy library, adapted from Marco’s teaching…

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Thanks, I had absolutely no trouble following the intro post instructions and downloading the dataset I’m interested in.:grin:

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