Contribute to docs/tests?

(Kerrie Clark) #1

I spoke to @jeremy last week about contributing to library tests. He mentioned help was needed with doc testing, and asked me to start a thread. Hopefully this is the right place. Apologies for the delay - been out with a bad cold.

I am set up with a fastai development environment, and I am familiar with the library and doc tests. My background is in (Java) development, but I am a PyNoob. I want to learn more about Python and the library.

I am happy to help anywhere, but I am particularly interested in text, tabular data, and collab filtering applications.

Jeremy, or anybody else working in this area: please advise a good place to start.


(Kerrie Clark) #2

@jeremy - I sent this while you were away. I am still interested in helping out.



(Kerrie Clark) #4

Thanks @Ralph!

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #5

Thanks Kerrie. Sorry I didn’t respond whilst away (and with a cold!) Best place to discuss docs is in the thread linked above.

(Kerrie Clark) #6

Perfect, and thank you. I hope you are feeling better!


(benedikt herudek) #7

For test contributions check this thread