Confused in finding a DL job-- My interview experience sharing

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Actually, I start learning machine learning since 2016, I have some foundation about neural network, and fastai help me to go deeper, every concept I learnt from Andrew Ng’s course, got particed and reinforced in fastai:grinning: I have to say it’s a great “action” course, many technique Jeremy mentioned are very useful.

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Congrats Justin!!

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Really inspiring! Thanks for sharing your experience and congratulations for the job :smile:

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Congratulations @justinho
I’m reading your post, awesome writing.
Anyway I’m CS student from SJTU Shanghai, still in progress to learn from and learn some Chinese language too, haha.
Please read my personal message, need to clarify some thought before I graduate next year :smiley:


This is a very interesting discussion. I was wondering if there is any underlying IP issues related to deeply rely on a framework - such as Fast.AI library? Is this the reason those companies want to go a non-framework way? In other words, “do you own the underlying technology that you are re-tooling?”

Ops just realized this is a thread from last year. But anyway, if it is possible, I’d like to get some answers regarding using open-framework such as Fast.AI to develop commercial end-product.

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The fastai license is very open - there shouldn’t be any problem using it in a commercial product.

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Hi Everyone,
I want to share my experience, I just attended Udacity’s Hiring Fair and want to share my experience/preparation methodology:

The Event

Udacity hosts hiring fairs in India where they bring their hiring partners and the students get to apply.

My Experience

I was seeking entry level Data/ML/DL/SDC positons.

Here are the questions I’ve prepared from during the last week.
Here is the resume that I had crafted after spending 14-15 hours over the formatting and correcting spaces.

There were 2 companies that were hiring for ML. Gramophone was strictly hiring experienced people. was interested in Freshers, I got picked up by them!!! I was floated the position of an intern since they were looking for hiring someone but I’m still a student and they were interested in giving me a shot-They shortlisted me for further rounds.

A few tips for attending a hiring fair:

  • Carry plenty of copy of Resume’. I had carried in 20, if I was an experienced person those would’ve definitely been less.
  • This might sound ridiculous - be shameless. I had the courage to walk into companies’ rooms that were looking at people with 4-5 years of experience. I requested them to consider my application and then when I got turned down, asked for their feedback. I think their feedback was really helpful.
  • Be Patient! The event was from 9AM-6PM. I had almost given up hope until My name got called out at 4:50PM!!
  • I was sure enough to talk with the people that were commonly being called for interviews. I discussed their paths, asked for feedback.
  • Know your Resume in and out. My Resume has a huge education section, even though I believe I’ve done more projects than my college friends. I still have “Student” shouting from my Resume’s first look.
  • If discussing a technical question, think loudly! It is impossible for someone to understand you in under 1-2 hours. So talk aloud about your thought process. That’s what the few hours of interview are meant for.

A little Personal Note: (And a few silly ideas)

To me, the fact that I didn’t know how to git pull until last fall and now I was able to walk into a completely professional scenario, give an interview with complete confidence is still unbelievable.

If you’re like me from a Month ago, here are a few silly things that gave me confidence:

  • I called up my biggest bragster friend- compared my efforts with them, I felt that I certainly am not the worst candidate. (The guy is an artist but he cares to jump into DL in and out and I think I know a few things better than him)
  • I told myself “Every single day I’ve spent during the past few months, were for getting an oppurtunity, so Be Confident. I’ve done my homework well”
  • This one was ridiculous: I called up an Audi seller and asked them about R8’s colour options the day before the interview - I wasn’t even considering that I might get rejected. I walked in with a mind that I’d land so much money that I’d drive home in Audi, even though I was pretty sure that I was going to Uber Pool the next day.
  • @rishi_mrb (My Roomate) and I were planning on where to celebrate once we get an “offer”, the night before the interview.
  • Know that the person Interviewing you is on YOUR SIDE!

TL:DR; Be confident-I was really nervous but these few silly things really helped me in staying confident.

I’m still very less knowledgable and I still haven’t gotten a “Job-job” but I really believe that I have some movement in the right direction.

I think much of/rather all of it is thanks to this community.
The Heroes and Kagglers I look up to on here and everyone who has helped me with my silly questions (Not tagging everyone since It’d be a very long list).