Conda env update error on Paperspace

(Andrew Ferguson) #23

(fastai) paperspace@ps4rjr1oa:~/fastai$ git pull
(fastai) paperspace@ps4rjr1oa:~/fastai$ conda env update

Passes cleanly now
Note: the update was not critical, you could still follow Lesson 1

(Maziyar) #24

Update works, BUT at the end I can not activate fastai. and therefore import fastai fails in notebook
That is my problem I am facing.

(Kerem Turgutlu) #25

Yes tried in a new instance again, following github readme steps work.

(Maziyar) #26

conda env update does not work in the fastai directory but in root directory

(Maziyar) #27

I still have the problem to update . I created a fresh new instance of fastai in Paperspace and after update I have to activate fastai and I can not do It. I posted the error above

(Maziyar) #28

@jeremy nothing new ? I still can not activate fastai env. I really need the latest update.

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #29

At-mentioning me and asking repeatedly for support is a good way to ensure that you don’t get assistance. It’s really not a thoughtful thing to do, and means I’m spending time writing this rather than improving the software and writing the next course.

(Dinesh) #30

So going through this email chain it was suggested these packages jupyter_contrib_nbextensions , nbconvert need to be commented out. However someone mentioned their dependencies need to be taken out. So my question is

What other packages & dependencies we need to comment out in environment.yml ?