Chicago - USA area

I did a git pull on fastai to have the latest version, but none the less I still ran into this issue. Maybe we should be using something else?

Seems very sensible – The logistics otherwise are going to be a nightmare.


This version of the course definitely does not seem to be VM - first. I started it before using a VM and switched to notebook for this go around. The lack of being able to hack directly on the machine is an issue for sure – Though I did get a model trained on my own stuff last time. I’ve got a post in the paperspace general thread asking about this. FWIW – the Notebook only P5000 is a site cheaper than running a vm.

My old dataset: Failing to complete training in Lesson 1 for own data

Post asking about Gradient hacking:

So this wasn’t very intuitive for me but I finally figured it out. After reading over and over that I needed pytorch 1.0 and I needed pytorch nightly I finally realized they are both pytorch. So uninstalling pytorch and re-installing pytorch_nightly has solved my issues.

I hope this helps any other people confused about the fact that these are both pytorch.

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Hi Everyone,

I am late to the this discussion. Probably, did not have access to this thread because I was not registered for in-person/online course.
I am just wondering if you are still continuing meetings in Chicagoland ? Seems like we have good numbers here on thread.

If meetings are not scheduled yet then can we start something book reading club/ journal reading/ tutorial presentation? at Chicago Public Library locations?

Hopefully, Interacting with each other on regular basis will build fastai community here and will make us better learners.

Thank you!

I think it would be fun to get together, or maybe even start a meetup!

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Hi Daniel,

Thank you for reply!!

I am close to downtown. How about arranging meeting on sometime coming Saturday/Sunday?
We can definitely start a meetup.

@larcat, @agoldina, @emi, @tomle, @eugene, are any of you interested in meeting up and discussing, talking about projects, etc with @tamhash and I on a Sunday in the near future.

As an alternative we could have a quick conference call(google hangout,etc) to talk about what we want to accomplish in an in person meeting.

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I’ll be honest, post class I got caught up with work & personal life so it would be fantastic to gather to do some joint work or projects.

I am northwest and prefer somewhere I can either drive or get to on the blue line.

I’ve been planning to re-watch all the lessons and re-do my notes and re-do all the workbooks, so I want to see what everyone else’s plans and needs are - that way we can structure a meeting plan.

I’m not from the Chicago area (or US), just ended up chatting here due to some bug.

Sure Daniel and @agoldina, we can have quick conference call to start with.

Hopefully more will join us.

You want to try to do a quick call this Sunday? @tamhash @agoldina.

If you all want to crash a meetup, I am going to be presenting the fast ai approch at dupage business analytics group @ benedictine university on Tuesday February 26th, there will be free pizza and pop.

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The call sounds great. I’m busy that Tuesday unfortunately. Phone or skype?

Doesn’t matter to me, in the future I would like to try google hangout for screen sharing.

Maybe a straight up pytorch/fastai Chicago Meetup group?

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I love the idea, if you know someone willing to sponsor, we should totally do it. I could see how we could have different members talk about the projects. If you all want I could ask if benedictine university would be willing to host a pytorch/fastai meetup. I am not sure if that will be too far from you all.

@Daniel.R.Armstrong …Unfortunately Tuesday will be busy for me to attend. Thank you for invitation!!

@larcat…I also like the idea of meetup group.
@Daniel.R.Armstrong , Benedictine University is quite a drive for me but if its matter of once in month meeting then I am ok with it.

For this weekend, I am ok with hangout or skype .
@agoldina will you be ok with google hangout?

@tamhash Absolutely, google hangouts is fine with me.

@Daniel.R.Armstrong I can also do a once a month at Benedictine University, but otherwise it is a bit far for me as well.

How does Sunday at 4pm sound to everyone, I will post the link to the hangout here.

For the meetup will the 1st Tuesday of every month work? Or is Thursday better? I know we were talking about Sunday but i am thinking the college is closed.

@agoldina @larcat @tamhash

Tuesday is no good for me. I have lessons. My only free day during the week is Thursdays.

4pm sounds good to me.