Can't upload .pkl file in GitHub

I am on lesson 3 and have created my own model, in order to deploy my model/app, I have created a repo on GitHub, however I can’t upload the .pkl file as it throws an error: “Yowza, that’s a big file. Try again with a file smaller than 25MB.”

I looked at this example on Git :, where the .pkl file seems to be there. I am a beginner, can someone explain how the above URL, where the .pkl file was uploaded?


Welcome to the community.
Try uploading the file through a commit from the command line terminal on your local desktop. You can find many tutorials online.
Basically, clone your repository on your local system, add your file in it, and then commit to your repo.

HI @SaifIslam, please read this : Deploying your notebook as an app under 10 minutes - there’s a section on what to do if your pkl file is larger than 25MB.

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@PalaashAgrawal, thank you for your help Palaash, I am excited to join the Fastai community!

@butchland, thank you so much Butch for your response, will probably be posting a lot as I am a beginner, great to see a helpful responsive community!