Building home GPU server

I tried repeatedly to install it with my Windows 10 Home but it did not work until I installed the Windows 10 Pro.

Maybe it was something related to the incorrect OS Build like it says on the
MSDN - Install the Linux subsystem

Maybe I paid 99.00 + Tax for nothing (Darn it!!)

Hey it’s not for nothing - now you’re a pro!


@Gerardo I was able to install it on Win10 Enterprise (ver 1607, build 14393.xx ). Any build above this should work I guess?
Bash is running, I haven’t installed Anaconda etc via command-line yet.
I’m totally confused by the Pro/Anniversary/Enterprise names after googling for a day!

I got this error going into Developer mode, this seems to be well documented, and not a dealbreaker.
Developer Mode fails with error code 0x80004005

This was the most detailed description of WSL I saw, valid for more than just the Server version.

Even if someone uses the Ubuntu inbuilt in windows, they might not be able to install PyTorch or will have problem in doing so…
So we are better done with a dual boot or Any cloud computing…

Could you please elaborate?

Hi everyone,

I have a similar topic. I have a pretty powerful rig at home, I want to know if I still need AWS or Paperplate.

-4 NVIDIA GTX 1080Ti with 11GB RAM in SLI
-128GB RAM
-SSD + 2 HDD

Anaconda, pytorch, tensorflow (compiled) and cntk are installed.

AWS or my rig?



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Definitely your rig.

AWS or Paperspace or other cloud solutions are needed by people who don’t have enough juice on their laptops or systems to make a DL program run/‘train’ in a short enough time period.

I think your rig might even be faster than what the current AWS Instances have to offer(not sure about the P3 ones, they might be a little better).


Thanks for the answer!

My rig it is!

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I guess it’s too powerful

There is no such things as too powerful ;).

What are you running?
Windows 10 with Ubuntu?
Ubuntu alone ?
Something else?

How many bitcoins per month ??:slight_smile:

Hi Gerardo,

I’m running a dual-boot (Win10-Ubuntu 16.04 LTS). I’m 99% of my time on Ubuntu.

No bitcoin, yet :wink:

I’m in the field of machine learning & big data since a long time so I wanted to have a powerful rig to experiment.

Have a nice course!


Hi Guys,

Just found that Nvidia launched the GeForce GTX 1070Ti today (for US&Canada). So If you are looking to make your own rig, they can be quite economical and have somewhat same specs of 1080Ti. Although I personally would like to wait for a review.

Here’s the tweet :
And the link :



Thanks for sharing. Not sure I see a benefit for DL, since there’s no memory upgrade AFAICT here. I only took a brief look though, so someone please correct me if I’m mistaken.

I would still recommend sticking with 1080 because 1070ti is supposed to be cheaper than 1080 (MSRP arround 430USD ) but the price is at surge and availability is also an issue (Miners grabbing them to replace 1070s). Its better to get 1080 by paying that extra amount whenever you can find an offer below 500USD . I grabbed one for 490USD. :slight_smile:
P.S: No of Cuda Cores:
1080 - 2560 Cores
1070 Ti -2,432 Cores

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This is a great deal on newegg on refurbished desktop which has 1070. I just bought mine couple of months ago.


That Acer does look like a good deal, and well suited for DL!

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The GTX 1080Ti is the best deal out there in ratio perf/vram/price. The GTX 1070Ti has the same amount of vram as the GTX 1070 (8gb) of GDDR5 (GDDR5X for the GTX 1080Ti). The other drawback is that as the GTX 1070Ti is relatively new you will find it full priced where you could find the GTX 1080 being roughly the same price while being better in term of performances on some seller websites given that it was released for a longer time and can be on discount.


@gerardo @jeremy The Ubuntu installation works fine for me on Windows 10 Home. Have to get the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update though. Easiest way to do it is to go to the Ubuntu app in Windows Store and there is a link to download and install the update.