Build your deep learning box: wiki thread

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Excellent sticker.

(Aless Bandrabur) #22

I am going to order this pc, for my work. The budget is limited at around 2500 euros, and the processus is a bit tendentious due to the birocracy steps that are need it.

I asked for a mother board with several gpu slots, even though there will be only one 1080TI for now, a Cpu i7 and 32 GB DDR. Here it is the offer that I received.

Is it something that I am missing? Since it will come already assembled should I worry about the cooling system?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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:muscle: :joy_cat:

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Probably not, unless you want a custom cooling solution, since it’s mostly likely on the assembler’s end to provide warranty etc. on their assembly ? Good idea to double check on that.

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For those interested, I had a post in the old thread about a blog post I wrote about building my own deep learning box last year:

Direct Link

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Nice watercooling (I guess I want to do one some day?) it has extra benefits apart from maintaing the things cool?

And nice sticker too!!! I need to print one myself :slight_smile:.

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Question - How to handle SSD vs HDD?

I have one SSD in my box and a fair few HDDs. How do people manage data across them? Which one of the following is recommended? Or there is a third scheme?

Option 1: Put data related to current project(s) on SSD and move things to HDD if needed

Option 2: Keep your data in HDD and code your python to move batches of data into SSD before using it?

(Antoni Batchelli) #28

I see everyone is going with Intel CPUs, is there a reason to not pick an AMD one? They seem quite cheaper for what they are.

(adrian) #29

Thats thinking outside the box (literally). What radiator size are you using, 27 degrees is amazing. Are you using a stock pc pump or something else?

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #30

That’s what I do.

(Alex) #31

Actually the main driver was to have complete silence regardless of box utilization. Hence the size of the bucket to absorb all noise from pumps.

Actually 27% was humidity. 25 C was room temperature, 18 C - water temp.

I used this radiator with standard fan and three of these pumps for resiliency. And standard 5/16 ID vinyl tubes.
Radiator mounted outside the house - hence “extreme” GPU cooling during winter - lowest was 9C with 100% utilization: screenshot. To prevent water freeze added a quart of propylene glycol to water.

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My DL rig…

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Watch this Channel. It has nice explanations about PC building. I think it is better for some practical knowledge.

(Vibhutha Kumarage) #34

There are some ways you can improve performance of your confuguration.

  1. Cooling system is more important. In your config, you chose i7 8700k. That is an unlocked processor( i.e you can increase stock clock speeds) so try to buy a good and low priced liquid cooler like CORSAIR H100i V2.
  2. ASUS TUF motherboard is a good choice. And try to buy 1080ti from Asus. People say using same manufacturer hardware can sometimes improve stability. (Not Sure)
  3. Also look at AMD ryzen processors. It offers more cores/threads than intel for almost same price.

(Vitaly Bushaev) #35

I was trying to build a pc. I noticed that for the same money, i can build a pc with gtx 1060, or buy a laptop with gtx 1070. What would better ?

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #36

As long as the RAM on the GTX1070 is reasonable (IIRC sometimes laptops have GPUs with less RAM) then the laptop may be a better choice. You’d also want to ensure it has enough hard drive speed and space, and enough RAM, of course.

Which laptop is that? I’m surprised it’s cheaper than a desktop - normally it’s the other way around!

(harsh sharma) #37

Could you please give a link to any such website? Would be really helpful! Thanks!


I took an AMD Threadripper for the 64 PCI-e lanes, to be future-proof if i started to feel the need for multi-GPU. (the smallest, 1900X)
i’m just one data point but i recently noticed my kernel logs are flooded with PCI errors, although it seems they are benign, i get training performance similar to other benchmarks (i have one 1080Ti).

edit : I originally blamed the threadripper due to some blog posts on the web, but some more search gives other leads. I’m going to focus on deep learning now and investigate this later. If somebody else is on threadripper, i’d be interested in some feedback whether you have errors in dmesg!

(Vitaly Bushaev) #39

It’s this one

Since I do not own a PC at all(only a laptop) I’m also considering the price of the things like display(which can be costly for the good one), keyboard(mechanical keyboards aren’t the cheapest either) and loud speakers.

( #40

I got mine from ant-pc through amazon. In the last week, Acer has been slashing prices of laptops with GPU’s. Could get one with a 1060 for about INR 75k at one point