Broken folder links in notebooks?

I think this course is amazing. But I’m having troubles running some jupyter notebooks.

At the moment I’m running the scripts on a local desktop computer. and cloned latest version of fastai from git (yesterday)
“Dogs v Cats super-charged!” the notebook does not find the model resnext50.

the error I get is:
FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘/home/daniel/fastai/courses/dl1/fastai/weights/resnext_50_32x4d.pth’

When browsing the folders, it seems like the model is located in “fastai/models” folder and the library is looking in “fastai/weights” folder.

How do I change the location in the library? or should I rename the folder?

Another problem is “Multi-label classification” notebook.

When running the cell with commans like:
!ln -s /datasets/kaggle/planet-understanding-the-amazon-from-space/train-jpg {PATH}
The resulting folder ‘data/planet/models’ says “files not found”

Should I download the dataset from Kaggle somehow? Where do I find the link for this?

You are using a Resnext Model and dont have the required weights. Check here for more info: Link

There are no set location where datasets need to be stored. Jeremy ideally stores the dataset under his home directory and symlinks where ever he needs access to.
You should download the required files from kaggle (Link) and put them under the data directory with relavant datset name in the location as fastai library or provide the appropriate path when loading the data in code or symlink the dataset location appropriately.

i.e data/planet/[Kaggle files here]

P.S : Do Search the forums before starting a new thread as most of the times you can save time and find the answers to your questions easily.


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