Austrian Virtual Study Group

Hi Bauke, we have the same situation in our study group.
Only the people with the invite can access the 2020 course forum threads.

The next online meetup is scheduled for Tuesday, 7.4.2020, 18:00-20:00.

Could we talk about deployment? I have tried binder and heroku so far but was not really successful in deploying the apps.

I could run my jupyter notebook from a github repo on binder but not the web-app via voila.

On Heroku I had already successfully deployed python-webapps with tha fastai1 framework but it does not work for me with version 2.

If you are curious these are the repos:
starlette app:

It’s a classifier for different models of the former Swedish car manufacturer Saab.

Sure, if you have time please feel free to prepare a notebook/slides etc. for our meetup tomorrow. Anyway, we can discuss this topic. :slight_smile:

Well I can present my attempt but I was not successful

Yeah, sounds interesting and then we discuss it in the group. :slight_smile:

Hello everybody,

I am not sure that I can join the learning group meetup today at 18:00 sharp but latest at 19:00 - can therefore somebody lead the learning group until then?

Please let me know & kind regards

The next meetup will be on Monday, 13.04., 18:00-20:00. :rabbit: :rabbit2: :egg:

Unfortunately I’ve not been able to make it to the Skype meetings, since my 4 month old son has been quite demanding of late :wink:
Anyway, since we’re talking about deployment, I’ve just made a Bärlauch vs Maiglöckchen classifier here :slight_smile: :

The notebook itself was extremely easy since I used the bear classifier code. Getting it to work on Binder was a totally different ball game. Perhaps we can put it on the agenda next time if there’s any interest. We can also just see how this weeks lecture goes and then take a call. I’m open either way.


The next online meetup via Skype will be on Wednesday, 22.04., 18:00-20:00!

Looking forward to meet you again! :slight_smile:

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The next meetup will be on Wednesday, 29.04., 18:00-20:00.

We will start with a presentation on segmentation and then we will go through the lesson material.

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The next meetup for lesson 7 will be on Wednesday, 06.05., 18:00-20:00.

The last meetup for lesson 8 will be on Wednesday, 13.05., 18:00-20:00, via Skype. :slight_smile:

Note: I had to change the meetup to Wednesday.

Has anyone worked with German language models by now? I have trained a model but I have difficulties with creating meaningful texts by the help of this model.

I publish the texts on the topic “Kurkuma / Curcurmin” on this fastpages blog:

Does anyone have ideas on how to improve the model’s quality?

Another thing is to create texts based on keywords. E.g.: create a text on these keywords [“Kurkuma”, “Gallensteine”, “Behandlung”]

By now the model creates rather funny texts ;=)