Attending Week 6 class remotely (optional)

While the March 9 class will still be offered in person, you have the option of participating remotely (and still having your attendance officially counted) if you prefer, due to COVID-19 concerns. I will use YouTube Live to stream the lecture in real-time, and I will have you email Mikaela and me your quiz answers during class (which will be used to take attendance).

I will post the YouTube Live link here before class, and you can use the YouTube Live chat to ask questions or make comments during class.


Here is the link for the livestream:

Please post here if you have any issues accessing it.


Working for me! I’m sitting in chat and happy to help with whatever troubleshooting.

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Works for me too.

Will the quiz link be posted here?

It’s working for me too. John.

I’m planning to share the quiz as one of the slides during the lecture (and will pause then for everyone to complete it).

Great, thanks.

It works

I am having some connectivity issues. Will try to ask questions once I can access the chat.

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Could you send the email address of ? It didn’t work. Thanks.

It’s an ‘l’.

Mikaela Mora

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Thanks a lot Adrianna.