Amsterdam study group

Anyone interested in doing an in person study group in Amsterdam?
I’m planning to work on this from Volkshotel on Saturdays from 1200.
Volkshotel is easily reachable from Amsterdam Centraal and Amstel with the metro, stop Wibautstraat. Maybe interesting for people from Utrecht/Haarlem/etc. as well
What do you think?

Hi @stijn, great idea!
I won’t be able to join this Saturday (27th), but see you on the 3rd!

Sounds good, see you then!

Hi @stijn and @baleato, are you guys still meeting up regularly? If so I would like to join you.

Hi @Falko, truth be told we stopped after Christmas… But it’s a good idea to bring the study group back and prepare for part 2!

Hi @Falko, I’m often at Volkshotel and would be up for meeting sometime if you’re interested. If part 2 starts I’d be up for that too. Best,

Hi, any infos when the part 2 will start ?

Actually I don’t think there will be a live for Part 2 v3. The course already starts on March 18.
@Falko @baleato .
Still up for meeting up though.


Unfortunately we’ll have to wait until June. link.

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If you post here, likely many folks closer to Amsterdam will join:

We also have an active slack channel. Happy to invite if you drop me your email

There are folks from Amsterdam and some mentioned they want to have a group in Amsterdam, so feel free to ask around

Good afternoon, I have just launched a discussion thread on fastai study groups to gather feedback from organizers and participants to identify best practices and avoid some gaps.

You will find more information in this post. Thank you if you can take a few minutes to participate in the discussion :slight_smile:

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@stijn Hi Stijn. I’ll be in Amsterdam again in May and would be happy to join/help to organize a study group in Amsterdam! I’ll follow part two in person in SF, but it never hurts to study the material again together in June :slight_smile:. Let’s keep in touch!

Hi guys,

I did the Fast ai course for the last 2 years and it’s incredible to see in what speed it’s progressing. I’m based in Rotterdam and mainly interested in how the world will develop when you combine different techniques (NLP, tabular data, image data). If there is a study group in Amsterdam I am more than happy to join too; my skills are still on a moderate level; but I would like to be prepared for part two later this year.

Hi @jaspernl and @gietema,
Cool! I’ve been looking for locations, will update if I found something.

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PM sent!

Good news! We’re doing part 2: Cutting Edge Deep Learning for Coders at this meetup.