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Pleased to get the invite! Looking forward to getting more insights into the latest advancements in Deep Learning.

Thank you for the invite! Very excited to participate!

Thanks for the invite. I also hope it’s a new/updated course and not the same as the one from 2020.
Anyway, looking forward to it!

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Thank you for the invite. I hope your family are enjoying the Australian life.

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Super excited about v5! I’m looking forward to learning more about how can we watch the lessons and if we need to sign up for the paid version offered through the University of Queensland.


Hello. Great to see you again. When does start the course?

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Very excited to participate

Now that I know this means I can participate in the upcoming course - :sunglasses: !!

Thanks for the invite Jeremy! :slight_smile: Really looking forward to taking part in the new cohort and can’t wait for the updated content i.e Transformers :hugs:!

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Thanks for the invite. Excited and honored.

Thank you for adding me, I am really looking forward for this course

Thank you, I’m also very excited and honored!

Thanks a lot for adding me. I’m very excited to see many fastai folks again !! Personally, I prefer the forum a little bit more than Discord :smiley:


Nice to be here for one more edition of the course! :slight_smile:

Thank you for inviting me back! I am excited to be a part of this movement again!


Me too! Good to see you back.

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Will there be any major changes to the course2020 notebooks for the 2022 course?

Hello @pierreguillou check out this thread.

When does start the course?

“The first lesson will be April 26th, 6pm, Brisbane Australia time zone.”

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