SublimeSFTP/Remote: Working with multiple cloud instances with sublime

(Brookie Guzder-Williams) #1

Hey Everyone - For a while now I’ve been coding in Sublime and using the SublimeSFTP plugin to seamlessly keep my remote instances in sync. This required multiple sftp-config files - one for my dev CPU and one for my GPU (or occasionally GPUs).

For awhile I was using a bash-script to move back and forth between sftp-configs, but i recently ported it over to python and added some functionality. Here’s the result:

Here is a super quick example of some of the functionality:

# create configurations for a cpu and gpu
sublr create cpu 12.345.678.910 path/to/code/base
sublr create gpu 10.987.654.321 path/to/code/base
# turn on syncing with the cpu
sublr init cpu
# turn off syncing
sublr off
# remove config for the gpu
sublr remove gpu
# open a port for the current remote in web-browser
sublr open

Hope you enjoy it!