Request for literature podcast by Jeremy! 😸


Hi! Thanks so much for these great courses! I’ve just finished my first pass of parts 1 and 2, and will be going back through the material at least once or twice!

I was wondering, would @jeremy consider doing a regular podcast of his literature review, such as the one at the start of Lesson 11? :smile_cat: Some reasons why this would be awesome:

  • Jeremy is a great presenter (obviously).
  • He has an amazing “BS” filter and is able to quickly zoom in on the parts that matter.
  • It would greatly pre-process the # of papers to go through; I personally might have time for 1-2 papers a week, certainly not keeping up with the whole arxiv ML output.
  • It would really help people to get better at reading papers, because they could go over the paper already knowing what it says, which Jeremy recommended several times.

I know @jeremy and @rachel already have so many things on their plate, but anyway, I thought I would pitch the idea!


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Thanks! I think it’s a nice idea. We’ll be re-doing part 1 in a couple of months, so will be updating some research suggestions then. The idea of a ‘papers podcast’ is interesting, although it might not happen until we’ve gone through parts 1 and 2 again and have enough folks finish them that there’s a larger group of people interested.

There’s a great blog here: . Not just DL, but the papers are all interesting (IMHO).


That’s great news! Thanks for the reply, and for the excellent link!


Shameless self plug. I maintain a blog where I talk about/explain very recent DL papers.

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I’m listening to Pedro Domingos’ The Master Algorithm

It’s very good!


Hi @jeremy! Are you still considering a literature review podcast after parts 1 and 2? :crossed_fingers:t4: